Sunday, March 8, 2015

All Natural Artificial Sweeteners, to the Rescue Once Again, they are the Perfect Insecticide

I think that most people know about the lies, oops, sorry, the marketing ploy used by so many food manufacturers with the use of the words "ALL NATURAL" to label their products. The wondrous FDA doesn't really care one way or another if any food product is labeled as such or not, and also they don't care what's in the food product once it is labeled that way. The FDA actually believe that consumers read every single word on the ingredients lists printed right on the packages of food products and understand the science behind all of the ingredients that most, well nearly ALL, consumers are unable to pronounce. And the FDA is insistent that food manufacturers print nearly all of the unpronounceable ingredients that they throw into our foods, they just don't really care one way or another as to whether those unpronounceable ingredients are safe or not.

That's kind of a bureaucratic anomaly now isn't it?

I personally think it is. The FDA requires that if the finished product contains less than one percent of any ingredient that has been added to the mix, then it isn't required to be listed on the label. If any ingredient added has a somewhat checkered past and was manufactured in huge or not so huge, laboratories using techniques that make old Doc Frankenstein look like Old MacDonald; well that's quite fine with our protector of our food supply as well. And it is even perfectly fine to label the stuff as being "ALL NATURAL" regardless of what chemicals, solvents, and crap is used to process the stuff. More than one percent of the total, than list it on the label, and it is up to the consumer to understand what that ingredient is.

I've turned my attention to some products that fit into this description in the past. Artificial sweeteners have elicited my wrath in the past, (Sweeteners) and with good reason. Some of the new ones have huge patents on file and the processes to manufacture them involve all kinds of toxic chemicals with the Coke patent for their stevia condensate having over forty steps using some very nasty stuff. But, the finished product, "ALL NATURAL"  And of course, a great insecticide as well.

Yep. I know that Sucralose, or Splenda is closely related to DDT, but now the most popular ALL NATURAL non-nutritive sweetener in use today has been found to be an exceptional, bug killer. A new study is out about erythritol, one of the many sugar alcohols that the food industry has embraced as wondrous and non-nutritive. Well they have found that 85% is excreted unchanged within 72 hours of ingestion. Therefore the assumption is that it is non-nutritive. The math doesn't exactly work out but for those making tons of money on the stuff, it seems to. However those same wall street fat cats can't hide the results of the newest study detailing just how wondrous their ALL NATURAL sweetener is at killing insects. That is just what everyone wants now isn't if, bug killers in their drinks. (Sugar Alcohol as bug killer)  Well, it's your health, I warned you. So many of the deleterious effects of the FDA allowed poisons in our food supply are cumulative and will only show up after a few years of consuming them. 

Or who knows, maybe that's why long term degenerative diseases are on the rise here in America where so much of our food is processed and "ALL NATURAL"

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