Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Good vs Bad, and time changes all views

Perspective. How we look at the industry of science and medicine changes with time. It only makes sense, as we learn more about what it is we do, we begin to better understand how the human body really works and how the things in our environment, both artificially made and natural, affect us individually as well as humanity as a whole. Let me illustrate this point by telling you about one of modern medicine's greatest inventions, the X-ray. When introduced, it was indeed a miracle. Doctors used it with no regard to safety, as at that time there were no concerns that X-rays could in any way be dangerous. In fact at one time shoe stores had X-ray machines in them where you could put on a pair of shoes and get a clear X-ray image of how well the new shoes fit your feet. Alas, as all too often occurs, medical mentality was alerted to the rather nasty side effects of harmful X-rays. A million or so cases of cancer, degenerative bone and organ disorders and science came to the rescue and declared that the miracle X-rays were in fact, not the panacea for medical diagnosis as they thought. The medical industry was in fact, wrong. Good became Bad, and time changed the views of the industry and eventually the mindset of the public. It isn't the only case
When your child is sick and has a fever, give them aspirin.

Butter is bad for your heart. Margarine and man made trans fats are healthy

With their high cholesterol you should only eat eggs rarely

If you're anxious or nervous, take Thalidomide, it's safe

When you have an ulcer eat bland food

Low fat diets will help you lose weight

Drink plenty of milk for strong healthy bones.

Every one of these has been proven wrong with new research. The perception of the masses is changing, albeit slowly. Aspirin when given to children runs the risk of inducing a condition known as Reye's Syndrome. Butter is one of the healthiest fats there is, well, good organic butter is. Nearly a century of science telling us that trans fats are good for us is slowly ending, the FDA hasn't banned trans fats, but now admits they are not as healthy as once believed to be. Eggs are no longer considered to be demons in a shell, they have won back their status as healthy alternative sources of protein. Well, pasture raised organic eggs are, CAFO mass production eggs are anything but healthy. Thalidomide was one of those oops moments in medical history with a few thousand birth defects and other problems. Ulcers are now known to be caused by a bacterial infection, eating foods with capsaicin or any other spice has no effect on them. A low fat diet has been shown to be unhealthy in many studies, however it is one of the more persistent fallacies of the medical community indoctrination. Milk has been repeatedly shown to be unhealthy, damaging to bone health and the cause of arthritis and a number of degenerative diseases. This one claim is the most difficult perception to change as it is so ingrained in the modern human populations by industry advertising and medical education. (MILK info)

How do you try and defeat decades of what has always been assumed to be common sense? Concepts that are fed to us daily in mass advertising campaigns, and told to us as being gospel truths by doctors and force fed to our children in schools.

This indeed is the most difficult thing to do. Ansel Keys back in the fifties did a study on a number of specific population groups and their particular diets. He wanted to prove something, so he took the seven groups that the evidence agreed with his concept (totally ignoring the other 22 groups) and published his very skewed and very poorly correlated findings. That finding, saturated fat was bad and caused heart disease. Every other medical professional took that finding as gospel and that's why margarine and trans fats became the huge industry they became. That's how the system works. Getting rid of that perception is unbelievably difficult. We KNOW that trans fats are unhealthy for humans, science has irrefutable proof. Go to the dairy aisle in your local grocer and look at how many types of margarine are offered for sale. That perception still persists today as evidenced by the huge numbers of products containing trans fats not just there in the dairy aisle, but everywhere else in the store. The stuff is in everything, from Oreos to breads to coffee creamer to virtually all fried foods to crackers to microwave popcorn to, well, you get the idea. Most processed food has added trans fats to increase flavor desirability and increase shelf life.

Vaccines are safe and save lives.

In 2012 the EU ECDC reported that 612 humans from age 7 to age 69 died after getting the flu vaccine. Only 300 died after contracting the actual flu or with any of its complications. In the US the FDA has established the VAERS to track any adverse events related to any vaccine. In 2013 there were 92,000 adverse events with over 300 deaths reported from flu vaccines. The CDC estimates that only four percent of adverse events get reported to the VAERS. In 2012 the Vaccine Court paid out 2.6 billion dollars for vaccine injuries.

Perception. Reality. Science. Money. All of these things are interdependent.

The few things listed here are just a minute number of those misconceptions that have occurred, and medical science along with the manufacturers of products shown to be harmful; have together worked hard to ingrain those perceptions into the minds of the human population. Some times we get lucky and find out what aspirin causes. And X-rays, and everything else that when introduced to the world has been touted as the wondrous panacea to end all of our suffering and make our lives better, longer, stronger, thinner and so so so many other claims.

 Not everything is as it seems according to those that make money on your health and well being. I'm not against vaccination, I'm against the way in which vaccines are now manufactured in this country.

Not everyone sees things the way I do. To them, I say, just once, just this one time, do a little research and just try being informed, instead of just opinionated. Go get an X-ray, they won't hurt you. And smoke a Camel, more doctors do.

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  1. I'm kinda thinking I should remove my email address from this blog because of the wars that occur with readers that have not conception that there is a possibility that the rhetoric they have been told for their entire lives doesn't have a basis in fact. And the worst thing is that they have no desire whatsoever to verify the lack of substance to that rhetoric. That to me is the scary part, that the big agrigiant corporate masters of our nation have in fact won, they have the undying and unquestioning trust of the populace. Profit, the almighty deity, is assured.
    Email from Richard Owens- " claim vaccines are harmful is outrageous and you along with idiots like you, are responsible for the outbreaks of diseases that are happening right now all across America..."
    My Email back to Richard, "You have to define your terms. What are you claiming I am responsible for? The recent measles outbreak wherein 78% of those that contracted measles had previously been vaccinated against the disease? Or are you now blaming me for the millions that have contracted Chikungunya or Dengue Fever of which have seen a 2000 percent increase in cases just in the last three years. If you only read the headlines in the news, you don't get the real picture. If you don't read it all but only look at one or two lines of what I write, you don't get the complete picture. I am not against vaccination, I am against the corrupt policies and practices of the big pharma corporations making unsafe vaccines available."
    Response back from Richard Owens- "...if kids are vaccinated they wouldn't get the measles, get it, .... (a lot of angry words directed at me)... why don't you read up on what you spout off about before you make up facts and write this crap and become the reason kids die."
    My response, "Actually Richard, the stuff I write about pretty much all has footnotes that will take you to articles on the internet, generally written by real working scientists and published in real scientific journals or are available at the NCBI Library. I like the NCBI, it's a repository of scientific information for use as reference material for other scientists around the world. The 78% of victims of the measles outbreak though in reality came from the CDC website, the people who in actuality didn't want to see that figure quite so high as it shows the reality of just how ineffective current vaccination processes are. Richard, look, learn, then form opinions based on facts, not unsubstantiated claims made by corporations that in the past fifteen years have ALL been subjected to heavy fines by the FDA for falsifying their data in order to make money."
    Response from Richard Owens, "... you must have a great time writing all this **** that you made up and seeing how people believe you..."
    My response, "What?"
    Response from Richard Owens, " Sorry, pretty much it was all directed at me and unprintable.
    My response, I didn't, there was no point.