Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Would you believe...

From my facebook post, 3/23, "Would you believe me if I told you that your body is designed to allow you to live a healthy vibrant existence, to give you 75 to 80 years of good health and vitality? Pretty much ALL of the disease and disability is caused by the actions of mankind unto itself. Not just wars and accidents, but virtually every disease that assails and destroys lives is caused by man's inability to comprehend how to exist within his own environment or how to nourish his own body instead of his own desires. Sounds unreasonable, yet it's all true."

THAT, is, in fact, impossible for humans to believe. Today, we get old, we wear out, we are tired, sick and our systems don't work as they did when we were youthful. Chronic degenerative diseases are common, and instances where we have two, three or more chronic diseases are normal for anyone that is able to live to their fifties or older. Healthy vibrant individuals that live, work and are active to that age and beyond are anomalies.Whereas the percentage of the populace requiring health services to exist has grown, and the age at which those services are now needed has dropped. We as a human population have indeed increased our life expectancy over the last century, however that life is no longer the same quality it once was. Just a personal example here, in 1979 my grandfather at the age of 96 found it difficult to drive anymore so he walked the 8 miles to the nursing home every single day to see his wife who was there because she had fallen and broken a hip. (Well we don't talk about it, but it was probably an accident in the bedroom, they were still very active) It was on one of those walks to the home in the snow that a motorist skidded in the fresh snow and slammed into my grandfather thus sending him into the same room as his wife. At 96, he walked 16 miles a day. Nearly every day. Thirty years ago that story was pretty commonplace, there were a large number of adults that were active, living full rich lives in their retirement years. Today, the largest industry in the country is medical care with nursing homes rapidly rising within that industry to frightening numbers. (Wall Street Journal) In 2003 the medical industry outgrew manufacturing as the leading employer in America. ALL MANUFACTURING. All retail, all customer service, (well most of those jobs are overseas now) and every other industry. Health care.

How did that happen? Believe it or not, I know.

Twenty years ago the CEO of Monsanto gave a speech to industry executives wherein he laid out a program for Monsanto to use its influence techniques with every government in the world with the eventual goal to, rule the world. (Book, Corrupt to the Core) Agriculture corporations in fact do rule the world. Pretty much they have monopolies on seed production and the chemicals used in modern monoculture farming techniques. And the worst part is that governments across the globe have little influence on what they sell, how they sell it, and what damage is done through the use of those products. And there is damage, lots of damage. This is a new video that's out, it's called (Seeds of Death) it will give you an idea as to how much global destruction has already occurred and what to expect in the future. The movie briefly approaches the subject of pesticide usage in the world and how that is one of the many problems with human health today.

I personally believe that it is one of the most important causes of the loss of health and vitality of humans as we age. There is this common concept within the mentality of our government regulators wherein when they are asked to approve any chemical that will be in any food that humans consume that if it is poisonous at a moderately high level of ingestion, then small amounts can't hurt us. That's why there are so many chemical additives to our food supply and so many pesticides sprayed on our foods when they are grown. A little bit won't hurt us. The problem is that anyone eating processed food, drinking modern milk, eating modern meats, is getting a whole lot of little bits of poisons. The human body is indeed a miracle, it can tolerate a lot of stuff, but the sum total of all that gets into our foods causes our bodies to work ever harder to eliminate all of those toxins. The end result is that our bodies have to fight the effects of aging when most of the resources are going to just staying alive and getting rid of the crap in the food we eat. 

Believe it or not, it's not just me saying all this, it's a lot of experts that together are refuting the evidence that the agrigiant corporations present to regulators showing how harmless their products might be. With no actual testing in long term of any animals. 

You are what you eat, Believe it or Not.

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