Sunday, March 22, 2015

Surely all those chemicals in our food are safe, the government approves them. Right?

That simple statement is one that is the most difficult concepts to overcome. It's completely ingrained in the minds of the vast majority of Americans, our government says it's okay, therefore it's safe to eat. 

Americans seem to have short memories. Our leaders lie to us. 

All the time.

Business leaders lie to us.

All the time. 

The media doesn't lie to us, they just don't release stories that give us a true and factual reporting of reality. They can't, six corporations own 98% of all the media available to Americans. They lie by exclusion of facts.

All the time.

We lie to ourselves. 

All the time.

I think it's a safe bet that most Americans never look at the ingredient list on any of the food they consume. Or if they do look, they have no idea what most of the additives are that are listed. Or why they are even in their food. They are listed, so they must be safe. Our government says so. 

Our federal government has a small bureau that is charged with overseeing the safety of the food supply here in America. The FDA. The FDA has a list called EAFUS. It stands for Everything Added to Food in the United States. Right now, the list has over 10,000 entries. There are 700 of those entries that are listed by another government bureau that is charged with overseeing the safety of Americans in a slightly different manner, that one is called the EPA. Part of the job of the EPA is to determine what chemicals used by industry here in the United States that might be harmful to the citizenry. And they test those chemicals to determine how toxic they are and give rules regarding working conditions, usage, disposal rules and the big one, just what happens when humans are exposed to those chemicals. Those 700 chemicals in the EPA database are listed as Class I or Class II carcinogens. Some are even given this designation "Approved for NON-Food Use". Those specific chemicals may indeed have specific industrial applications, it's just that they are toxic enough that they should not be in food. And yet, the FDA lists them on the EAFUS. (One Example click here)

One of them is lying.

But then, aren't they all?

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