Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Baking Little Bits of Delight part 2

Okay, I have to admit that lately I've been eating everything in sight. The wonderful MRSA infection in my sinuses has been active and after a few trips to the doctors for antibiotics that, get ready for this, the bacteria are resistant to the effects, the doctors finally decide to help me out and give me steroids. I hate steroids, they destroyed my joints and make me eat everything. I mean EVERYTHING. Meat, canned Spam, ice cream, Fritos, mustard sandwiches, and ice cream. I go to the store and buy ice cream, then sit and eat it. Well, I thought it was time to make something a little healthier, something that will satisfy my cravings and still be not so bad for me.
 I bought a container of pitted dates, it's cheaper than buying the big whole dates and so for this I used the pitted ones. I just open them up to verify the pit is gone, if you don't, when you grind them up in the blender you will hear it. But, take a couple cups of dates in a blender, put in three free range eggs and a tablespoon of real vanilla. Then Blended that until smooth. Then in the bowl of the mixer I whipped up two sticks of organic butter, When light and fluffy, I pour in the egg date mixture and blend that well. Then I grind up some wheat berries and put a cup and a half of the flour in a bowl and add a tablespoon baking powder a half teaspoon sea salt and a tablespoon of Cinnamon and half of one of allspice. Mix well and then dump into the mixer and mix about a minute or so, then add four cups of rolled oats, mix a minute, then add in a cup and a half of chopped nuts. I like pecans or slivered almonds, both add an extra level of nutrition. And let's not ever forget the words of one of my heroes, Edgar Cayce. Most have never heard of him but he was a fountain of information for simple home remedies. All the wild beliefs about the Universal Consciousness are just gravy, but anyway Edgar tells us that if we eat 3 almonds everyday we will never get colon cancer. Well that does it for me, almonds every day. For more reasons to eat almonds, check out And these cookies are just about the best way to make that a reality. Back to the recipe, I then add in a cup and a half of dark chocolate chips. If I have them, I add carob chips, but organic ones are hard to find. Mix in what you have, then plop them onto a baking sheet lined with parchment. Bake at 400 for about 10 to 12 minutes then cool on a rack. These cookies have no processed sugar in them so they don't melt out and get real huge like regular cookies like Tollhouse or other sugar based cookies. Remember, they teach us this the first day in baking class at culinary school, sugar counts as a liquid when measuring ingredients. So the cookies won't spread out when baked. A nice hint is to use wet hands and form the dough into balls then sort of squash them down a bit before baking. I love these with plain Greek yogurt and applesauce. Try them out, add whatever nuts you want, with or without chocolate, maybe other fruit, not raisins, eeewww, raisins are kinda gross. But I do love currants, weird hunh? 

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