Monday, October 1, 2012

Whole Wheat Rolls

Took these pictures of the baking of the rolls process.  The first is to see the sponge.  A bit of yeast and honey with about half the flour in with the liquid and allowed to sit a few hours.
 Here we have the dough after I  added in the rest of the flour and put the mixer on second speed and let it knead the dough for about 9 minutes.  It pulls away from the sides of the bowl cleanly and yet is still sticky to the touch. 
 Here I formed the dough into balls and set them on baking sheets to rise in the oven that I warmed for a couple minutes then turned off.  Usually I put the dough balls onto parchment paper but I couldn't find mine in the boxes over at the storage locker so I just oiled these.
After rising for about 25 minutes they were over doubled in size, so I took them out of the oven and began to use a razor blade to cut an X into the top of each one.  That allows the dough easy access to go up and less of the tendency for the dough to go outward.  Just a baker's trick, a lot of people always think that the cuts in the top of their bread is for decoration, but it ain't so.  It has a purpose, even in loaves, it allows easier expansion.
And then after baking at 400 for about 20 minutes, this is what came out of the oven.  Light and fluffy, better than any store bought rolls or buns because they are 100% whole wheat and no Poison in them whatsoever. 
It isn't hard to do, my son does it. 


  1. Roy, what do you think of dough conditioners?

  2. Larry, I read the ingredients. I wouldn't eat the stuff. Even in small quantities stuff like that collects in your system. And see the other article about L-cysteine.
    Make your own dough enhancer, it is pretty simple. Take a 500 mg tab of vitamin C and dissolve half of it in your liquid when letting the yeast activate. Then when mixing the sponge, add a half cup of plain organic Greek yogurt. You will get pretty good results without adding any hydrogenated oils, human remains, known carcinogenic ethylene oxides, fungal enzymes (which there aren't a lot of info sites on the internet at this time) azodicarbonamide which is a known inducer of asthma and asthma like symptoms, and is illegal in most countries. I won't eat it, but try my home made stuff and see what type of results you get.