Friday, October 12, 2012

Sweeteners -- Sucralose/Splenda

I thought that I should start to write about something that everyone here in America utilizes, sweeteners.  Most people use them, few understand how bad they are for you.  So, today, sucralose.

Sucralose is now the biggest selling of the artificial sweeteners available.  It is a chloro-carbon, that is very similar to sugar itself having three chlorine atoms added to basic sucrose, table sugar.  This makes it very similar to of all things, DDT.  Yeah.  In actuality chloro-carbons are listed as being highly toxic and carcinogenic by the US government itself.  Well, not the FDA, they approved this close relative to a horrific banned insecticide with only2 (that's right, TWO) human study trials completed.  A total of 36 subjects were given sucralose over a period of 4 (YES, ONLY FOUR) days.  And half were given placebos.  They measure how much went in, and then how much came out.  Reading the study shows that in one case as much as 15% of the product remained in the test subject's system after 4 days.  McNeil Nutritionals, the manufacturer, claims that it is not digested by humans, therefore it has no nutritive value. 

Sucralose has shown in animal studies to shrink thymus glands and produce liver inflammation in rats and mice.  Chloro-carbons are hypersentizing agent that causes Polychemical Sensitivity Syndrome, one of a number of Lou Gerhing type diseases that are incurable. 

The FDA has a long standing history of ineffective screening and approval of dangerous drugs and additives.  In our government, money talks.  Big business has big money and they tend to spread it around.  Arthur Hull Hayes Jr., the FDA commissioner that approved Aspartame left the FDA after that approval and became a consultant for Searle, the creator of that poison, for 1000 dollars a day on a ten year contract.  Big MONEY.  It gets results. 

Splenda is a carcinogen, it causes horrific incurable diseases like ALS, and we know, WE KNOW, that the manufacturers claims that NONE of it is retained or digested by the human body are in fact out and out LIES.  I won't eat it, I hope you won't either. 

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