Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Science is infallible. There can be no controversy

Yeah, I was told this once. The new husband of a very sweet and dear friend got into a discussion with me about a year ago. On Facebook. Because I posted a meme about vaccination and links to degradation of American health. He wasn't nice, he stated I was helping to destroy the health of the people and that vaccination had eliminated diseases like polio. That vaccination should be mandatory to protect all people living in this Great Land of America. 

I asked him if he looked here on my blog and read the article referenced in the FB posting. I was then told no, as I was sarcastic and science cannot be disputed, vaccination is good, the findings infallible. 

He put me in my place then now didn't he. Science, cannot be disputed. 

Well, except when scientific findings are found to be, well, wrong. Incorrect, corrupted, paid for, lies, results fabricated, and the very foundations of science called into question. 

But then that never happens now does it? 
PCB's  Safe, environmentally friendly
DDT     Safe, environmentally friendly
Dioxin,  A byproduct of industrial chemical manufacturing, Safe
FDA approved drugs. Believe it or not, big pharmaceutical companies spend millions of dollars testing new drugs in order to get them approved by the FDA for use by the medical industry. Since 2000 every single pharmaceutical company has been taken to court by the FDA for violating their rules. Collectively they have all been fined over 20 billion dollars, many of the charges against the big pharma, falsifying data to get drugs approved. 
The FDA has withdrawn from the market, over 175 drugs that after having been approved, using infallible science, were later found to be, not so good for us.

Who failed? Infallible science, or the very very fallible humans that created the chemicals and drugs? Or those that approved the applications based on the infallible scientific results from the creators?

So, is the vaccine industry different? Even though most vaccines are manufactured by some of those very same pharmaceutical companies that have paid fines for falsifying data for their drug business; none have had to pay fines for making vaccines. 

Is it because they just do a much better job at creating vaccines? Or is it because the Congress of the United States declared that the companies manufacturing vaccines can do so with no liability whatsoever for the products that they make? That one is still hard for people to believe. It just doesn't seem realistic to them that our government would protect one industry to such an extent that there is no accountability for the products they make. None. The Feds did set up a 200 billion dollar fund to pay the families of any person that is killed, disabled or harmed in anyway from having received a vaccine. It's called the Vaccine Court, and they determine whether your claim is viable. That is if you can prove the vaccine caused the death, Guillian-Barre syndrome, neurological damage, atopic disorders, SIDS or a whole host of problems that the Feds recognize as having a direct causative force to have been from a scientifically tested and approved vaccination. Autism has only been determined to have been caused by vaccines twice in the history of the Vaccine Court. 

But very few people actually are hurt by vaccines and few have had to use the Vaccine Court for compensation for injuries though right?

We don't know. It's public record that the Vaccine Court has paid out a little over 230 million dollars in just the last 10 years. But there is no data on how many injury awards there were. We do know that the CDC estimates that less than 10 percent of people injured even report their injuries.

So how much do these people receive if they win and receive compensation from the Vaccine Court? Winning a case includes a clause in your payoff award that states you are not allowed to discuss the case with anyone, especially the media. At risk of fines and imprisonment. Isn't that a little scary?

But thankfully we know that vaccines are safe. Scientific principles are used in the testing of all vaccines before they are put on the market. They are tested for safety and for efficacy. 

Are they?

No, sadly, they are not. There are NO double blind studies done for either, safety or efficacy of any vaccine. Double blind is the gold standard for verifiable results. Nor are single blind studies done. In fact the manufacturers normally perform open label testing on as few as 80 volunteers. 


There is no liability for vaccine manufacturers. There doesn't have to be, the manufacturing of vaccines is all science based and every principle used in that manufacture is soundly tested and regulated. 

Just like it has been for DDT, PCB's, Dioxin, Thalidomide and a whole host of drugs recalled because those same scientific principles were not so sound. 

Yeah, I don't know what I'm talking about, or so say so many.


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  1. All of the answers to the questions that I posed here on this entry came from -- The FDA -- The WHO -- and The CDC. No wacko radical sites, all from three government entities. Any one can go to them, anyone can verify the info, it isn't a secret, it isn't a conspiracy, it isn't rocket science, corporations that have billions of dollars in profits pretty much can do what ever they want.