Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Aluminum and Alzheimer's Disease, the link, the mystery, the... What was I thinking again...

So, where are we with Aluminum? It is a multi-Billion dollar industry. Aluminum products are everywhere. Beverage containers being the biggest. However the stuff is everywhere, cookware, building materials, beds of pickups, and as an adjuvant ingredient to every vaccine out there. 

Here's the thing, pretty much all scientists agree, Aluminum is not necessary for life. In fact it is a known neurotoxin. That cannot be disputed.  The controversies regarding this abundant element are whether or not, incidental exposure, meaning the tiny amounts ingested, injected or inhaled, are in fact harmful and the cause of neurodegenerative diseases. With of course, Alzheimer's being the most targeted.  

Ever since the discovery of mitochondrial damage due to aluminum in the brains of AD patients back in the sixties, there has been a lot of research into just how aluminum affects humans. Without actually taking live humans, feeding injecting and blowing aluminum dust into their lungs and then finding out how many die horrific deaths; there is no absolute way to conclude with certainty if aluminum is the culprit. They've done that with rats, and the results are inconclusive. How do you tell if a rat loses its memory? they can measure and record the physiological damage, which is extensive; but there's no way to determine the consequences of that damage on the rat's family, friends, and ability to live and exist within the rat society.

Aluminum is however, a multi multi billion dollar industry. And Industry lawyers, lobbyists and ultimately politicians determine what is safe, and what is not. Sort of like, lead in gasoline. Science proved it was bad, industry scientists gave us differing facts, and we all breathed lead fumes from gasoline for decades. Industry money pays for a lot of elections, third homes, fancy cars, vacations and probably underage boy toys for politicians all the time. That's why lead, DDT, PCB's and so many other products that are KNOWN to be detrimental to human existence are allowed to be manufactured for the profit of a few.

Profits always take precedence over the health of the populace.

That's just the way it is. It takes monumental scientific evidence to change anything. It does happen, but in the case of the biggest money making industries, it is ridiculous as to how BAD things have to get before changes are made. And of course, the biggest, get away literally, with murder. Cigarettes, the leading cause of death in America. The scientific evidence is conclusive. The damn things are sold everywhere. Yeah, I smoke cigars. Tobacco is not inherently bad for humans. What is causing cancer are the 26 chemicals added to tobacco in the manufacture of cigarettes. Those are what causes problems. Not necessarily the tobacco itself. 

So what do we do?

Just like the cigarette industry, we have the ability to help ourselves and avoid contamination in our lives.
  • Stop buying and drinking beverages in aluminum cans
  • Stop using aluminum cookware, even anodized aluminum is harmful. Throw it all away
  • Stop using aluminum foil in cooking. Use parchment paper, and cover the paper with foil to seal.
  • NEVER get any vaccine. Especially the flu vaccine. Even the CDC admits that they are at most 10% effective
  • NEVER vaccinate a child under the age of two with any vaccine. Their immune system needs time to be able to develop the pathway to eliminate aluminum
Do we know for certain that aluminum cause Alzheimer's?
Do you want to take the risk just so industrial giants can profit?
NCBI on AL role in AD
More in depth treatise from NCBI info repository
Washington Post article with lots of research links
University Health News article - not the most unbiased, but good info
The other side of the story - Scientific American. but then look at all the ads in that rag 

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