Monday, September 10, 2012

High Fructose Corn Syrup - Now, a known toxin

Some interesting reading about HFCS, high fructose corn syrup.  This poison is touted to be the same as sugar by the consortium of producers to try and dispel all the information coming to light about how toxic their 40 billion dollar a year product really is.  It is scary how much of this stuff is in our everyday food products.  And now, a new reason to remove this product from our food supply.  The new threat is - Hydroxymethylfurfural.  HMF.  This poison is formed when HFCS is heated.  During production.  The toxic acids that are used to leach out the toxic sodium hydroxide (lye) used in the production of HFCS do not prevent the formation of HMF.  It is a brain toxin and accumulates in our systems over time.  So, the more you eat, the more you collect in your brain, liver, kidneys etc and the more you poison yourself.  Down the road, you will have greater than normal risks for cancer for various organs.  Or it could just be a major contributor to a huge variety of various degenerative diseases.  We just don't know the answer, and a lot more research needs to be done to determine what and how HFCS will kill us.  Of course the problem is that 40 billion dollars annually going into the coffers of agribusiness.  Who out there wants to pay some research facility to prove how toxic something is that makes that much money.  Sorry, I am a realist, no one is going to.  It is up to us to recognize the problem, tell our friends, and choose products that don't use HFCS.  If nobody buys the crap, then maybe they will have to make something good for a change.
Anyway, I'm sure you have heard about the honeybee problem in America.  Colony Collapse Syndrome, it has been a problem for some time now and threatens the agricultural business everywhere as bees are responsible for ensuring a third of our food products are able to reproduce.  Some guy in Tucson figured out what caused the bees to die.  Beekeepers everywhere feed their bees when they are not out gathering food, as in winter time, or during transportation of the hives.  He found that if beekeepers stopped feeding HFCS to the bees and instead went back to plain old sugar water as they have been doing for decades, then the bees stopped dying.  Pretty simple solution.

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