Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The LAW, and the ordinary guy

Well, it is frightening that the law no longer protects the innocent.  Let's forget the problems that I have had with the idiotic laws of Texas that would not allow me to sue the City of Austin, the owners of my apartment complex, for the mold the nearly killed me; but the fact that now farmers cannot save their own seed that their own plants on their own farms produce.  I am referring to the Schmeiser case where this farmer never bought genetically modified seed from Monsanto.  Instead the canola plants he was growing were infected with pollen from neighboring farms that were growing genetically modified canola.  Mr. Schmeiser saved his own seed as he had done for many many years and when he planted that seed, Monsanto discovered the canola plants were over 95% genetically modified with patented genes from Monsanto.  So Monsanto sued him and won. 

Where are we headed when things like this are allowed to happen?  Not a good thing. 

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