Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Food Safety

I just got an email from the Center for Food Safety.  An interesting group, and they come out with a new informative email about twice a month or so.  Most are interesting, some are pretty scary.  Like the plea for every person in the country to contact your congressmen to stop the allowance of Genetically Modified Salmon from being permitted into the food system.  But that scary story is for another post, this one is about just the overall failure of the FDA, USDA and well, let's face it, government in general, to protect the people of this country.  I went to the CDC web site to verify this info, and it is all there.  And it is scary indeed.  The Center for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that one in six American this year will get sick because of food borne illness.  128,000 will be hospitalized and 3,000 will die. 

I personally think that this a a huge failure in the governmental expression of the Food Safety and Modernization Act passed in January of 2011. 

A government organization that is lead by a former vice president of the largest agribusiness in the world probably isn't the wisest choice to be the shepherd for our health. 

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