Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Modern Miracle, GE Foods

I remember 1996 when the scientists from Monsanto went before the Congress and testified how according to all of their research and testing, genetically modified foods are absolutely indistinguishable from their non-modified counterparts.  Wow, all I can think now is, What research?  What testing?  Princeton researchers, not exactly some fly-by-night group of scholars, have PROVEN that the implanted genes migrated to bacteria in the guts of the hosts that eat the GE food.  BT insecticide is now PROVEN to accumulate in the human body, with significant amounts showing up in blood samples.  And worse, it shows up in fetal blood samples.  Biotech giant Monsanto stated that BT is insignificant as any amount ingested will be destroyed by the human digestive system.  At this time, NO research has been done on the long term effects of BT toxin in the human body. NONE. Again, What research?  What testing?
Monsanto is making billions on glyphosate sales because the use of Roundup weed killer has in fact lead to the natural evolution of Roundup resistant weeds.  There are now 28 species covering 16 families of weeds that are confirmed to be not only resistant to glyphosate, (Roundup) but also 2,4-D which is that wonderful toxic stuff from Vietnam, Agent Orange.  Agent Orange sales have increased from 3.3 million pounds in 2009 to an estimated 100 million pounds next year.  These are toxic chemicals that we KNOW do not break down in the natural environment for years and ANY residues on foods accumulate in kidneys, liver, pancreas and brains of humans.  Again, What research?  What testing?
Monsanto and other companies are now making billions of dollars on the sales of pesticides.  That's because of the natural evolution of insects that are BT resistant and so their wonderful GE plants have to be sprayed with ever increasingly toxic pesticides because the BT gene is failing to deliver what was promised.  Again, what research?  What testing?
Some friends asked me why I am so adamant about eating organic, and never eating anything that might possibly be GE.  And why am I so vocal about people in California voting yes on Prop 37.  Because I survived modern medicine.  I am alive after the best efforts of doctors, nurses and the health care system attempting to kill me.  I DO NOT want all my efforts to be in vain because the food I eat is poisonous in order that Monsanto can make huge profits.

What do you want?

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