Monday, December 31, 2012

I wish I was Monsanto, and could do no wrong, and never be held liable

Yep, it's true.  If the wonderful Congress of these here United States Of America here pass the wonderful bill before it right now, H. R. 5973, then my favorite company in this here world, will be given absolute total immunity from prosecution by absolutely anyone that is killed, hurt, deformed, given cancer, is proven to contract any number of degenerative diseases, loses their eyesight, hearing, ability to think, remember, concentrate, or becomes sterile as a result of contact or consumption of any of the untested products that Monsanto markets, and makes billions of dollars on; CANNOT BE HELD LIABLE FOR ANY HARM THEY DO!!!!!

I want that kind of blanket protection.  How much does it cost in bribes to get such a thing?  Our wonderful Congress right now, this very day, is working to figure out a way to pass legislation that it was told it needed to pass over a year ago, in order to keep up the appearances that the working middle class people are getting to keep tax breaks given to them by Mr. Bush ten years ago.  Those breaks expire on New Years Eve, and now, those hard working sons of bitches are all goin' crazy acting all righteous and blame the other guys for not passing something that will put more of the burden on the middle class, and take a little tiny bit more from the rich.  They have their hands full, but never the less, each and every one of you needs to contact your representative and tell him or her to STRIP THE MONSANTO RIDERS FROM H.R. 5973!

Think about it!  Would you want to go to the store and buy a carton of milk that came from cows that the dairy knew had serious viral infections.  You let your kids drink it, and all your neighbors let theirs drink milk from the same batch, and poof, thousands of them die or are left paralyzed by viral meningitis.  And you and other parents go to sue the dairy, because they admit it; but congress granted them immunity because they were providing a needed product, milk.  How would you feel about that?

Liability is what keeps businesses honest.  Monsanto has no desire to be honest.  Their actions speak for themselves, the company is a regular target of my blog entries here.  Monsanto regularly gets products into production with little of no testing by virtue of hiring top FDA and USDA officials AFTER they make top policy decisions.  And of course, Monsanto people move into those same positions in what is referred to as the "Monsanto Revolving Door" on the internet. (search for that and you get lists of all the people that have revolved)

This rider to an otherwise basic continuing farmer bill is based on Monsanto's loss to the Supreme Court ruling in the Monsanto vs Geertson Seed Farms case in 2010.  The Supreme Court ruled against Monsanto, sort of.  They stated that Monsanto couldn't start to have farmer's plant Roundup Ready Alfalfa without an actual Environmental Impact Study being done that would show that planting a Genetically Modified production crop in a production setting that pollinates by insect and wind would not contaminate crops planted elsewhere with the GM genes.  Geerstson Farms grows organic alfalfa for seed so other organic farmers can grow organic alfalfa.  And they would not be able to sell their seed as organic if contaminated with GM genes.  Monsanto decided that the best way to get around an Environmental Impact Study that would show that it was impossible to contain the genes, they would just pay off their House connections and get this rider attached to a rather innocuous farm bill.

Monsanto was sued by Geertson Seed Farms in 2005.  The case went to the Supreme Court in 2010, and was the first case heard by the Supreme Court involving Genetically Modified plants.  Monsanto has yet to do an Environmental Impact Study on ANY of their Genetically Modified plants that have been approved for human consumption by the FDA.


Let's tell our representatives that NO COMMPANY should get liability exemption!

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