Saturday, December 29, 2012

Choosing a doctor, what you need to know!

This is probably one of the most difficult things for most people to do.  There are a large number of criteria that most people look toward in the selection process.  Many are in fact important, but none can come close to the most important aspect of medical treatment, knowledge of nutrition.  ANY physician that refuses to recognize the relationship between what we eat, and how healthy we are, should be taken out of consideration.

Serious disease that are directly related to diet, (and lack of exercise as well) are responsible for 3 out of 4 deaths in America today.  (Factoid)  The lack of nutrition training for doctors is ridiculous.  Most medical schools require one semester of basic nutrition.  Many require none.  The AMA, (and well let's face it, the FDA as well) do not EVER want to show that there is a link between diet, and health.  If they did, then 75% of their business would be GONE!  Most people can heal themselves just by altering their lifestyle, eating habits, and moving around.

The reason for today's post results from conversations with family, and friends.  Let's just say that I am a big man, I am overweight, and not very healthy, overall.  There are certain extenuating circumstances regarding my health (black mold, MRSA infection from hospital, long-term Avascular Necrosis, recurrent pulmonary embolii, and just having survived modern medicine's best efforts to kill me)  but I am surrounded by persons that are of a health situation that is of their own making.  When questioned, they tell me things like their doctor has told them that eating carrots is bad as it carrots are full of sugar.  Diet soda is a good alternative to sugar soda.  Potatoes are a bad choice for a diet, and the big one, meats are good.  REALLY!  Yes, I am informed by a number of people that these are the things that their doctor tells them, when taking time to talk to them.  Of course, doctors rarely take time to talk to patients.  As most of us have found, doctors take a standard tact as dictated by the AMA guidelines for treatment.  Basic info puts you into a number of columns based on your symptoms.  Treatment is then a guesswork plan based on AMA guidelines regarding those symptoms alone, and have little to do with what your specific needs might possibly be based on your individual lifestyle, and body type.

One of the things that scares me is that doctors everywhere still recommend that their patients drink diet soda.  Aspartame is a known toxin, is interferes with the body's actual ability to recognize that it is full and to stop eating, and the stuff breaks down into methanol, and ultimately formaldehyde.  The destruction that this stuff induces within the body are well documented, and horrific.  Any doctor that suggests that someone drinks this known poison should be barred from practicing medicine.  Any doctor that tells you that processed foods, white bread, white rice, a high protein diet consisting of supermarket meats and processed meats like bacon, sandwich meats, and any with high nitrite or sodium content are good for you; should be barred from practicing medicine.  Any doctor that tells you that sitting in a chair all day is ok, and that you should drop weight before starting an exercixe program; should be barred from practicing medicine.  Any doctor that tells you that ANY vegetable is not a good thing to add to your diet, should be barred from practicing medicine.  And yes, potatoes are good for you, fries are not.  Sour cream is not a condiment, neither is supermarket ketchup.  AND, if a doctor tells you that high fructose corn syrup and products made with it are okay, then they should be BARRED from practicing medicine.

If you are ever unfortunate to experience a hospital stay, then your recovery will be based on your participation, as hospitals do not ever attempt to follow any sort of dietary plan that would in any way be considered healthy.  The SAD, Standard American Diet is practiced by nutritional counseling in every hospital in America.  Using outdated (and outlandish) concepts of nutritional requirements.  Just try to get things like REAL whole grain products (brown rice is considered taboo), unpasteurized yogurt, or for that matter, yogurt that doesn't contain High Fructose Corn Syrup poison.  Everything coming out of hospital cafeterias is laden with additives, made with processed basics like bleached and bromated white flour, white rice, potato flakes, and let's be real, the packet of honey you get for your hot tea has HFCS as the first ingredient, then honey.  Eating food like this, will not in any way make you recover.  No wonder so many people that enter hospitals, leave with greater problems than they went in with.  Me included, I now have MRSA, antibiotic resistant bacterial infection that believe me, is so far, impossible to get rid of.  And contracted in a hospital.

So, what do you do?   Ask questions.  Ask your doctor what he thinks of diet soda.  Whole grains.  Supermarket meat.  Salt.  If you are unfortunate to go to a hospital, have friends and family bring you your  meals, or at least make sure you eat the basics only.  Good luck with your searches for a doctor that has any training or understanding on the relationship of health and diet, it isn't taught, and more importantly, it isn't even backed by the AMA. 

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