Saturday, December 1, 2012

Today's Brave New World! Let's test LSD on New Yorkers to get there!

Ever hear about the LSD testing that the government did on the people of New York back in the 60's?  Well, actually it started in the late 50's and was "OFFICIALLY" curtailed in 1973.  They were experiments in mind control.  The CIA gave random people in the US and Canada LSD in attempts to learn what would happen.  I'm still not certain why these experiments took so long to do, when you give people hallucinogens they get high.  What else can you learn from that?  I mean the MAIN thing that we learned is that our government really does not give a crap about the people they are supposed to be caring for.  These so called experiments really did not have the health and well-being of the populace at their basis now did they?

But let's look at this from a different perspective.  And this is purely hypothetical.  (wink, wink)  The CIA performed illegal experiments into mind control for nearly twenty years.  Then they stopped.  Is it because of the public outrage against being used as human lab rats?  Well, there wasn't a lot of outrage.  Most of the documents regarding the project were destroyed by the CIA director Richard Helms.  Not a whole lot happened after that, a few things were released.  A few fun anecdotes like how the CIA gave LSD to Fidel and all he did was smoke more.  You know, crap stuff.  But we need to look closely at what really happened, and think about other possibilities.

Searching for a truth serum, pinpointing exact drugs for mind control, and manipulating foreign leaders were the express objectives of this little excursion into the bizarre.  The whole family of projects (over 150 individual ones) were scrapped, and buried.  What if though, they were terminated because they found what they were searching for?  There are many forms of mind control, and not all of them would give the type of control that Huxley proposed in his novel "Brave New World" that were achievable through genetic manipulation.  (But doesn't that in itself sound all too familiar in today's world?)  The elite, the Alphas are able to create, to live to their full potential, to express themselves; while the lesser beings, Deltas, Gammas and Epsilons do the drudgery work of keeping the society operating.  And all with no knowledge or ability to conceptualize that they are mere drones to the elite.  Wait a minute, doesn't that also sound a lot like "Animal Farm"?  Well, I suppose that the whole idea of lording it over lesser individuals is not a new one, look at Hitler, Stalin, Nixon, my ex-wife.  All had the same concept and vision of themselves as leader in their own personal Brave New World.  So what if the CIA actually found what they were looking for back in 1973?  And it had little to do with LSD.  Let's just say that those guys found the drug of choice to manipulate the population, to allow them to work as drones, to support the ruling class, (elected Alphas), and mindlessly work themselves to death and not speak or do anything detrimental to the status Quo that has been created by those ruling elite again, (Alphas)!

A simple little chemical that has all those wonderful properties would be called "The Complacency Drug".  When added to every processed food made in America, the drones of the country would then begin to sit back in their Barcoloungers, sip sugary foods that made them feel good, and watch as the world unfolded around them and not really care about any of it.  Maybe it is just me, but that sounds all to familiar and so close to reality as to be a little frightening.  Americans everywhere just don't seem to care much about what happens to them anymore.  Americans everywhere have sat back and said okay to the Feds taking a larger and larger percentage of their hard earned paychecks in the guise of "Income Tax" to fund stupidity and malfeasance.  Americans everywhere sit back and "ENJOY" the benefits of supposedly healthy processed foods that have ingredients that are PROVEN to cause them harm and shorten their lifespans.  Americans everywhere continue to believe that the ruling class "Alphas" work toward providing a fair and equitable life for them and for every other American.  Nothing is further from the truth though.  Americans everywhere are under the influence of complacency.

You don't have to eat all the crap out there on the market.  If you stop eating it, your mind will suddenly begin to think again and you will see the world for what it is.  You don't have to pay income tax, there are huge numbers of LEGAL ways to get out of paying the tax.  Learn about them, use them.  Basic economics, the more you tax people, the less you collect.  It's called the Laffer Curve.  Rich people pay less in taxes than the MAJORITY of Americans.  Let the Alphas fix the system, get rid of loopholes and let everyone pay a flat rate and those Alphas just might see an increase in revenues.  Except that in and of itself is contrary to the philosophy of the ruling class elite.  Indeed, The Laffer phenomena.  With the birth rate in America being the lowest EVER, with the cancer rate the highest ever and the highest in the world, with modern medicine being the LARGEST cause of death in America today, with the rate of obesity the highest in the world, Americans are becoming pretty complacent.  Aldous Huxley fantasized about a world where the elite class, the Alphas, lived a care free life supported by those genetically modified lesser humans that support them in their every whim.  Society is not exactly like that, but it is close.

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