Saturday, December 15, 2012

Sandy Hook, tragedy that may affect far more than ever thought possible

Watching the TV and attempting to imagine the horror of having to deal with the aftermath of the carnage dealt out to children, teachers and a parent by a troubled young man.  I am unable to, it is just such a tragedy.  But sides are already drawn on both sides of the issue, and Facebook is filled with opinions about how guns didn't kill them all, a gunMAN did, or the troubled youth could not have done this without access to the weaponry.  And et, al, ad infinitum.  Every one wants to ensure that this never happens again.  As do I of course, but I also want to propose another problem, one that doesn't get any press, and yet may indeed be the underlying problem altogether.

SAD, the Standard American Diet.  We here in America fill our bodies with processed foods devoid of actual nutrition and packed with additives and toxins along with heavy metals and all contribute to altered mental and physical conditions that make young people that were loners like this man into potential ticking time bombs.  I hope that the coroner's report comes out and is made public, and that proper attention is made to it.  Will we find in the toxicology that there were heavy metals like mercury present?  Was his sugar incompletely controlled and his hormone levels screwed up?  Did he slam down ten or more Mountain Dews every day as so many youths in America do?

What will happen if these things are shown to be part of the autopsy findings.  These and so many more.  I think that we, as Americans, need to look long and hard at what is going on with the nutrition of our youth.  The horrific side effects of long term consumption of foods with heavy metals, toxic additives, high fructose corn poison, antibiotic residues, pesticide, herbicides, insecticides and a whole array of cumulative poisons all singly and in our society, in conjunction with each other, all begin to manifest themselves in behaviors that lead to this exact tragedy.  Look at my blog from last week about HFCS -- TRAGEDY-- And see the list of behavioral traits that are caused by the SAD and are so prevalent in American youth today. 

I have tried to look up the toxicology results for Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris and have been unable to find them online.  I get the autopsy reports, and in there the remarks were made about sending out specific samples for toxicology.  Yet the results are elusive.  There are mentions of anti depressants, but no actual results.  And do they even check for heavy metal contamination?  Toxic residues?  Pesticide residue? They should.  The question of course is whether or not they will check because at this time no one has ever thought to connect nutrition to behavioral changes.  It is all too easy to blame gun control, parental control or lack of, discipline, schools, bullies, or anything else other than what in fact may be the real cause.  And one that would undermine the very foundation of our existence, the SAD.

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