Monday, December 31, 2012

Don't eat the garnish!

That was the warning given to me by my future mother in law back in 1979.  "Don't eat the garnish."  Actually, as I found out later in my relationship with her daughter, it was a command, not a warning.  I was unaware at that time that it was meant to inform me that she, and therefore anyone with taste and quality, thought the garnish was just that, garnish, and not to ever be considered food.  Sadly, I informed her that the restaurant that she had chosen to bring her daughter and I served food in which I was quite certain that the garnish was the only thing on the plate that had much in the way of nutritive value.  Big mistake.
My wedding photo at my mother's house.  From left, Jim, then Sarah, parents of the bride, Julie to my right, then me, then my mother.  Weird, I am the only survivor from the photo.
My future mother in law and her husband did absolutely nothing with wedding plans for the two of us.  My mother held and paid for the wedding, and in fact, as my bride was in my mother's room getting dressed for the wedding, her mother was in there with her attempting to convince her to not go through with the wedding.  Sigh, 19 years later on her deathbed, the woman told me that I was not what she wanted for her daughter and was always disappointed.  Oh well, you can't please everyone, or even some people.  I am the same I guess, I will never be pleased by anyone that closed minded. 

All that introduction just to talk about garnish.  Not much to talk about, I still eat all the garnish on my restaurant dinners, and only thought about that command from the queen because I am sitting here in my hospital room eating a plate of chopped vegetables that was served with ranch dressing that believe it or not, did not contain HFCS in the ingredients.  Or canola either, so I did eat some of it.  Plain vegetables, a steamed cod filet and white rice.  Lunch.  I ate the garnish. 

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