Sunday, December 16, 2012

Chef Roy is unlucky number 13

So Chef Roy, if you really only eat good healthy food, take all of those supplements, avoid all the poisons and toxins you talk about here on your blog; then why are you sick all the time?  Man, a really good question.  I think that is one that has no specific answer, it just has to do with me being unlucky, in the wrong place at the wrong time and suffering the consequences of that misfortune.  I suppose that for me, life began when my mother met my father and they decided to further the human race by starting a family.  My mother, whom I respected and loved, did me an injustice by marrying a common man and not a rich one.  I have never forgiven her for that, she took away from us children the silver spoon that so many people feel is the magic beans of life that would provide for them an unending and stress-free life of luxury and endless gratification.  Oh well, I was, after three siblings, conceived.  My mother then in late June went to the new, at that time, St. Joseph's Hospital to deliver me.  She delighted in telling me the story that I was the thirteenth baby born in that new facility.  Sigh, not a great start for me.  And all done under a huge deception on my mother's part.  She chose the pretense of Christianity with which to perpetrate her fraud.  The actual details are not all known to me, but I have found that my mother, coming from German Jewish parents that came to America in the 1890's to escape the pogroms against the Jews, never practiced their religion here in order to avoid any form of recognition.  I firmly believe that my father went to his grave not knowing that he was married to someone that his upbringing would never have allowed him to acknowledge as even being, well, of equal in humanity.  My father was a bigot in the extreme sense.  Poor mother, a cute little Jewish girl in the den of the lion trying desperately to raise her unlucky broken children.

So I made it through the major problems of youth and the teenage years, drank too much in my early twenties, went overboard and in 1976 gave up weed, booze, meat and white flour.  Married the woman that I fell in love with on first sight, raised a young son, and in 1992 bought a house out at 103rd Avenue and Camelback road.  At that time, it was on a golf course, surrounded by fields of corn.  That first winter they planted broccoli and cauliflower.  The next summer, they planted cotton.  Cotton is about the dirtiest crop ever.  They spray Agent Orange on it so it will drop its leaves and they can harvest the cotton bolls with big vacuum harvesters.  When running them, the cloud of toxic dust hovers everywhere.  For 5 years each autumn my childhood asthma became horrific and I was in danger of losing my job because of illness.  I finally moved to Mesa and got better.

I guess now would be a good time to add that I have totaled three vehicles in my life.  Every one of them ended up with me not able to sue anyone for the accident.  Sigh, just not lucky.

Then in 2002 my wife decided to trade me in for a new model, and as she said she had never dated anyone other than me, anyone would work.  I on the other hand, married the first woman to say yes to me.  Big mistake.  Oh well, she wanted me to move to Austin TX, and so I did.  Our lives changed dramatically and I grew exponentially there in the happiest place on earth.  As we grew apart in many ways, I no longer possessed the one trait she required in a mate, obedience!  So we parted ways, and that was in fact, a good thing.  Except, I moved into an apartment with black mold in it.  Didn't know it at first, just got sick.  And then got sicker.  Went to a holistic allergy specialist and he did allergy tests, and blood hormone levels.  I was suffering from low testosterone.  Or so he said, I didn't have the usual problems associated with that condition.  In the meantime, I was so sick that I was on massive doses of steroids, both oral and intravenous, and such massive doses cause Avascular Necrosis.  Death of the joints.  Oh well, as my many doctors told me, at least I was able to breathe.  I did for a while take a testosterone cream, and then developed blood clots in my lungs. (NOW, a known side effect)  So, more steroids and the rat poison, coumadin as a blood thinner.  By the time we found the mold in the apartment, the damage was done, and I had impacted sinuses, needed a hip replacement, degenerative death of most of my joints, and my cat died from sinus and breathing problems as well.

Got one hip done, and moved into an apartment where I met the most beautiful maiden in the world.  She and I became quite close, but within a year, she was offered a huge promotion and ended up in Seattle.  To this day we are good friends and talk and/or text all the time.  I miss her.  She was a spark of sanity in my life. After a while, I went to the hospital to get the roto-rooter sinus surgery and guess what, I now have MRSA, apparently I picked that up in the hospital when getting the hip done.  A whole new set of problems there.  I don't know, maybe that is what caused the loss of the ability to feel hot or cold.  That one I don't think we will ever know, but I do know that as my sinuses were impacted with an antibiotic resistant bacterial infection that I am finding cannot be gotten rid of, my sense of smell and then taste disappeared.  Here I was, a man trying to make a living manufacturing the world's most flavorful pasta, and I never tasted any of my products.  I developed all the recipes based on the Beethoven method of creativity.  I knew what it should taste like, so I tried a recipe, asked others if they liked it, and if they did, used it.

But in an effort to improve my health, I sold the store, moved to Arizona as doctors thought that the VERY high concentration of airborne mold was irritating my lungs to the point that it continued to cause horrific problems.  Didn't work, even after moving to Arizona, I continue to be plagued by sinus problems (MRSA NEVER goes away) and recurring pneumonia, asthma problems and lack of money caused by inability to get good insurance.

So, yes, it seems that I do indeed eat well, take supplements, and am sick all the time.  I am the quintessential number thirteen.  Unlucky in life,............  

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