Wednesday, November 6, 2013

GMO LABELING LAW DEFEATED, again. Corporate money buys the election, again.

I had thought that the population in Washington state were of a differing mentality than those down in California.  Seems likely that they are not.  Last year the voters in California responded to the millions of dollars in campaign money that Monsanto, Coke, Pepsi, Nestle, Safeway and a whole host of major corporations that donated money to the drive to keep citizens from knowing what kind of food they are consuming. 
Monsanto and all of the big corporations that make money by using cheap crops loaded with pesticide and herbicide residues that were never tested for long term safety, KNOW that people don't want to eat things that are unsafe.  If a label is required, the thought process is that consumers will equate that specific requirement as being classified as unsafe.  The same as for cigarettes and alcohol.

Of course those labels have not ever really hurt alcohol and cigarette sales much.  But so far, that little label identifying normal, regular everyday foods has not done a whole lot for sales of GM crops in Europe.  In fact sales are minimal there.  Monsanto back in 1998 tried the reverse psychology approach there.

Monsanto seems to have two faces when it comes to consumers.  One face for European consumers  in which they gleefully tell the sheeple there that their creations created in their own godlike image of themselves are actually BETTER than their traditional counterparts and therefore labeling of any food product with the information that therein lies Genetically Modified crops that were created in a laboratory then doused heavily with toxic chemicals are in fact better for human consumption than traditional foods.  The company tells Americans the exact same thing, they just don't want us to be able to know which foods we are eating contain their poisons.

What Americans must remember is that Monsanto is a profit driven company, that UNDERSTANDS that they can get away with placing profit above the health and welfare of their customers, their workers, and the economy and environment of the entire planet.  Let us not EVER forget that Monsanto is the company that is responsible for:

The cost of cleaning up the 40+ superfund sites contaminated at Monsanto facilities with PCB's is estimated to be over TEN TRILLION DOLLARS!  In the past thirty years, Monsanto has contributed less than 50 million to the cost.

This was an environmental disaster for Vietnam, and a horrific death associated with all that were exposed to the stuff that Monsanto assured the US government was absolutely safe.  And it is still in use to this day, it is sprayed on virtually all cotton grown in the world, with problems spreading to all surrounding communities.

Yes, Monsanto manufactured DDT and told the world it was harmless.  Guess what?  It wasn't.  DDT still exists in the environment in measurable amounts in most of the US and still affects the lives of birds and wildlife and probably even has unknown effects on citizens as well.  We just don't know.

Monsanto and its subsidiaries are responsible for these wonders.  Aspartame was approved in THE most controversial federal regulatory agency decision ever!  With the FDA director approving the poison after 70% of the FDA staff stated it was toxic.  He then left the FDA to work at Monsanto at a 1000 dollars a day in a ten year contract.  And not have to do anything.  There are volumes of research showing the toxicity of the stuff, and yet it is still the number one fake sweetener on the market.  Research is showing us the lies Monsanto told the world about both glyphosate and GM foods.  Past propaganda from Monsanto pointed out that glyphosate was non-toxic and biodegradable.  All lies, the company has had legal sanctions against them to stop such advertising.  GM foods were touted as exactly the same as traditional crops based on.... well the Monsanto desire for them to be.  Approval is predicated on that belief.  And no testing is required to insure that the desire of Monsanto is in fact, the truth.  Independent research coming out of reputable independent facilities all over the world is showing us that the Monsanto vision of how they can make money, is all a lie.  Read some of my other articles written about this very subject.

(Selling your Soul)  ( A good lawyer) ( GM testing) (Needs of the Few) (Recovery)

We are at a crossroads.  Monsanto believes that they control the traffic signs.  The sheeple that don't care about their lives, their health, the welfare of their loved ones, will be herded down the path that not just Monsanto, but all of the big agribusiness giants want us to go.  Those that think for themselves, will go where they need to go.

Let us not ever forget that Hitler did not have any where near the control of the media, the food supply and the population that our government, that is controlled by agribusiness, has today.  When the sheeple are herded in the direction that Monsanto wants you to go, which way will you run?

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