Friday, November 15, 2013

New Drugs, New lawsuit opportunities

I just don't understand how the world works.  Yes, it's true, I, a man, admit that I don't know everything.  From what I understand, that would appear to be pretty rare. But then again when I was married, the ex knew everything, so maybe it's true about women as well and any single individual such as myself admitting that they don't know everything is what's rare.  It certainly is true about leaders of big drug manufacturing companies.  They never actually admit they don't know what is going on with new drugs, how they work, how many or the severity of the side effects might be, and yeah, how many will die.  And of course the big one there, how much profit can be squeezed out of the drug before those numbers get too high that the drug is recalled.  And that's what it's all about, profit. I do understand that part of how the world works, the drive and the need to make a profit on the things that you manufacture.  One can't make things and sell them at a loss.  The little spice packet/dip mixes that I make and sell, I make money on them.  IF I made as much as the drug companies did, I would sell them for about 800 dollars apiece instead of 3 bucks.  And if I did my business the same way the drug companies do, a lot of that extra profit would go towards settlements to people that ate my products and got sick, disabled and or died because there were ingredients in my dips that I had no idea what they were or what they did.  And of course, a big part of my profit would go to paying lawyers. For both sides.  In fact the drug industry is just about the biggest reason the shyster business has grown so much in the past fifty years.

Every year Americans go to drugstores and fill Billions of prescriptions.  Most people assume that those drugs that pharmacist workers hand over to you have been thoroughly tested and proven to be safe, effective against whatever maladies the doctor proscribed them to you for, and that the manufacturers know exactly what the drug will do to your body once you take the pill or inject the fluid into your body.  That is not exactly the case, for the most part, scientists can only guess as to what is happening and the real truth is that for the most part, they have no idea why MOST drugs actually work and the processes happening within the body that produce the desired effects.  And the side effects as well.  They don't like to admit it, but it really is true, most of the stuff we take daily is a mystery.  Even aspirin.  Scientists think they understand most of the actions that aspirin produces in the human body, but not all of them.  The big drug companies, Big Pharma, seems to like making new drugs, test them minimally and then expose as many unsuspecting consumers as they possibly can.  And they have been taken to court for doing illegal things over and over again.  When the profits are higher than the fines and lawsuits, there is no incentive to make safe drugs.  Read my other entries about Big Pharma at (Drug Fines) and (Fraud in an entire industry)

Take a look at some of the new drugs that are all the rage with the shyster set filling the airways with commercials for their services to sue the drug companies.

Victoza - from, (once-daily injectable medication that may help improve blood sugar levels in adults with type 2 diabetes) see that - may help.  MAY.  The literature is filled with their own doubt as to what the stuff does, however one side effect is that in many people they make greater amounts of insulin.  Lots of lawsuits in the works for those using this stuff and had no idea that the stuff would destroy their pancreas and thyroid glands.  Yikes.  Lawyers get to buy lots of new homes from this stuff.

Fosamax - the Merck website explores the wondrous nature of this drug to stop bone loss in humans.  It glosses over the parts about death, cancers, and a whole myriad of things that long term users of the drug are experiencing now that are the reason so many new BMW's get into the driveways of shysters.  And look, Merck even tells us that the exact method of action Fosamax takes is not completely understood.  Lawyers don't care.

Actos - Seems to be a lot, I mean a LOT of commercials on TV for shysters because of Actos.  Yeah, if after taking the stuff and you pissed blood, and if hurt like the Dickens, I would see a lawyer too.  This one works by making the human body more receptive to insulin, but scientists again are not certain how or why that happens.  We do see that a lot though now don't we.  Seems like it happens a lot, I mean a LOT.  Woo hoo, private schools for shyster kids.

Crestor, and all the Statins - One of the most widely prescribed drugs in the world, and the whole class of drugs, statins, are totally unnecessary.  As the metabolic actions of statins are poorly understood, the numbers and severity of side effects are enormous.  And diet, exercise and in reality, eating celery everyday all do a better job than statins and with no side effects that make shysters rich.  

Yaz, Yamin and Ocella - These are all part of the new generation of birth control pills containing drosperinone, a very different form of progesterone.  Seems that after the rush job for approval, then all the really bad side effects came out, from heart disease to blood clots to destruction of the liver and a bunch of others.  Shysters love these ready made lawsuits that the makers willingly settle and make them rich.

Sheesh, that's enough for now, I have a lot to do today, I do have a very small business to run and I have to go to the co-packer to pick up my salsa.  Go print labels, and of course, just daydream about the high profit margins that make the top ten drug companies more profitable than all of the rest of the Fortune 500 companies combined.  Seems like I'm not the only one licking their chops over those statistics, every shyster in the country salivates when they see the lines at the pharmacy.

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