Friday, November 22, 2013

Don't put that in your MOUTH!!!!!!

This is about the things we ingest, daily, and why we shouldn't.  It has nothing to do with your mother yelling at you when you were a tiny babe not to put that, whatever it was, into your mouth.  Or whatever it was you were thinking, some of you have more vivid imaginations than I. 

Before I begin, I should say that the list is huge.  And this entry will only go over some of the more radical forms of adulteration of your food.  It is a good idea to limit your intake of ANY processed foods and also any drugs you take.  The safety of ALL additives and drugs are questionable.  Please remember, the FDA does absolutely NO testing on its own, instead it makes all regulatory decisions based on data from the companies that are wanting the FDA to grant regulatory permission for them to make, money.  Buttloads of money.  When extremely large amounts of money are involved, then it is frightening how what is right takes a back seat to what is profitable.  It happens all the time, FDA regulators make decisions to profit corporations, and then take jobs with the companies they just helped.  This link is to a google search for the phenomena (Monsanto Revolving Door)  I guess that what I am trying to say here is that you have to watch out for your safety because you don't have anyone watching for you.  Back in 1999, when the top agrigiant food manufacturers meet to discuss the obesity problem in America, the CEO of General Mills brought the meeting to an end with his proclamation that he didn't care about the consumer, as consumers only cared about taste and therefore his company gave them what they wanted. General Mills, makers of cereals that are one third or more SUGAR.  Healthy snacks of yogurt that are one third or more, SUGAR.  And a list of grocery store stars that are nothing but genetically modified crops in a chemical feast that are scientifically engineered for flavor and to be, well, addictive.  The first taste is free, just like the pushers in those old black and white drug films showing us how our lives would be destroyed if we smoked that deadly ganja and shot up that nasty heroin.  Or ate those nasty Lucky Charms and Oreos.

Don't put that in your mouth!
  1. Aspartame.  Yes it's true, there are over a hundred and ninety studies showing aspartame to be safe.  Yes prominent people with letters after their names claim it is safe.  Yes, there are more than two hundred and eighty studies showing the stuff is bad.  The FDA itself banned the stuff because of the brain deterioration problem and it was only the efforts of Donald Rumsfeld that got it approved.  This link is to a list of the timeline of events leading to the approval. (Aspartame approval)  The timeline is incomplete, it does not show the internal decisions within the FDA where 70% of the top researchers stated, on record, that they opposed approval as the stuff was totally contrary to the safety of the consumers.  Two years after the approval of aspartame the FDA became flooded with complaints about the stuff and began an adverse reaction hotline for consumers to report toxic reactions to aspartame.  After defining 92 distinct specific side effects and documenting thousands (at what the FDA believes the unreported events may be as high as 1.7 million) serious incidents directly related to aspartame toxicity, the FDA shut down the hotline.  Because,..... well, no one in the industry wanted to know about the bad shit.  (FDA on side effects) I tell you again, you are the only one that can watch out for you.
  2.  Canola Oil.  Yes, it's true, the Canadian Canola Council tells us on their website that canola is safe and a product of generations of "Traditional" plant breeding techniques to reduce the toxic quality of the oil from one of the most toxic plants on the planet, the rape plant.  It's also true that most of the stuff on their website is all lies. (Canola myths)  Pretty much everything from the lie about it being traditional (the two scientists that developed canola wrote the book "the Rape of Canola" and how they developed the genetic engineering techniques to make canola that were then refined and are now used to genetically alter all the GMO's in our world) to the lies about how safe the stuff is (erucic acid content is limited to be 2% by weight.  Erucic acid is a cumulative and neurodegenerative toxin) to how the oil has the perfect mix of mono and poly unsaturated fats (the Canola Council always test unprocessed oil for these measurements, processed canola is far far different) and all the way to the height of hilarity lie, that Canola is from the same family as broccoli, kale and cabbage, and those are harmless, (That's because we don't eat the seeds of those other plants) By definition, the stuff is toxic, the reasoning is that a little bit won't kill you, 2% isn't enough to make your brain full of holes like what happens with "Mad Cow Disease", which the Canola Council vehemently denies has any links to canola.  (That in itself scares me)  Five minutes on the internet will yield lots of SCIENTIFIC STUDIES showing how bad the stuff actually is.  That 2% that doesn't hurt you today, accumulates in your system over, well, decades.  It will also show you the fifty billion dollars in annual sales stats.  Not a lot of bad press is ever printed in the media about canola, but I bet industry leaders don't eat the stuff.
  3. Genetically Modified Organisms. GMO's or also Genetically Engineered or GE foods.  Where do I start.  (GMO labeling Failed) You know, I wish I was wrong about all this stuff.  I really do.  I wish that GM foods were the miracle they want them to be.  That they in fact raised crop yields, but they don't.  That they were as nutritious as the non GM versions, except they have been proven to lack the same nutrients.  I wish they didn't cause degenerative system failure and cancers, but new studies show they do.  I wish the BT toxin that they inserted into crops really did kill insects and had no harmful effects on humans, they don't, the insects evolved immunity and BT toxin really does cause neurological and other system damages.  And I wish that the pesticides and herbicides they spray on the crops didn't leave residues on the crops and that research didn't show how long term consumption of these residues eats away at your liver, brain and pancreas.  But they do.  When Monsanto denies that HGT,(Horizontal Gene Transfer) doesn't ever happen, I wish it were true, but it isn't. The sad truth is that the world may never recover from the GMO catastrophe as the unintentional spread of the genetic material may soon spread to the entire planet and to most of the food crops (as well as the pesky weed species)  All of this info can be found be looking here at my website, search GMO in upper right hand search box.  And go to the google, search for what does the president eat, you will find interviews with the executive chefs for the last four presidents.  The first family ONLY eats organic.  So do the execs at Monsanto.  That right there should tell the masses a little something.
  4. Artificial Additives, colorants, yeast nutrients and artificial flavors.  Wow, let's throw MSG in there as well as the problems with that are pretty well documented.  All of this stuff, just based on the name, should be scary.  ARTIFICIAL.  Big ones are Potassium Bromate and Azodicarbomide.  Two toxins added to bread to make is softer.  Both, outlawed in just about EVERY OTHER COUNTRY in the world, but the fast food industry loves those soft soft buns for their burgers.  To hell with consumer health, everyone uses the stuff so those that get sick and die can't prove they only ate their crap.  Aaah a loophole, nicely provided to the agri food industry by the wonderful FDA.  Colorants for the most part are petrochemical products illegal in most of the rest of the world, BHA, BHT and a whole host of other preservatives are coming under scrutiny by scientists because of the proven risks for cancer, and many other degenerative problems (Vitamin E, Tocophorals are more expensive, but virtually non-toxic)  MSG, wow, this stuff is incredibly nasty.  And never, EVER let someone tell you that glutamates are naturally occurring and therefore MSG can't be bad for you.  Arsenic is found in apple seeds, and apple juice.  It's not harmless, but you would have to eat a barrel of apples to hurt you.  Arsenic the processed chemical, will kill you.  Same thing.  When people travel to Europe, they always tell me that the bread there tastes soooooo  much better than bread here.  Duh, look at the labels and read all the shit that is put into American breads, even the stuff at the local bakery.  
  5. Modern Meat.  Ugh, yuck.  Do I have to explain this here again?  Meat, sorry, modern meat, is just about the most disgusting thing in the supermarket today.  It is coated with bacteria from the, well, rather unsanitary conditions that the animals are raised in live in sleep in sit in lie in and shit in.  Yeah, shit bacteria that are in such high concentrations that the processors would literally have to soak the dead animals in BLEACH for ten minutes to start to kill them all.  E. coli, Salmonella, Cliptospridium, and a whole host of others that in reality, are all now resistant to antibiotics because the meat industry feeds it to the animals in an attempt to reduce the diseases and deaths from those same bacteria that the animals live in.  Plus, all the other crap they feed the animals, arsenic, Ractopamine, and worst of all, a diet of GM crops that recent research is showing to destroy the intestines and genitals of the animals.  Yuck, read some of my other stuff about - meat at    (Meat 1 ) (Meat 2 ) (Meat 3 )
  6. High Fructose Corn Syrup.  You know, those commercials with the parents eating Popsicles seems innocent enough, and they tell us that HFCS is okay.  Wow, must be the same singsong hypnotic crap put out by the propaganda machine that paid to have the GMO labeling law voted out in Washington and California.  I mean really, those commercials must have some hidden subliminal orders to vote no on GMO because people can't be that stupid, can they?  I don't know, maybe they are, anyway, look here at HFCS info.   (High Fructose Corn Syrup - Now, a known toxin)  It isn't just the new findings for the toxicity of that newly discovered problem, but it is the complete and utter failure of the FDA to protect American consumers from the Mercury contamination that was found in the manufacturing processes of most of the major processing facilities of HFCS in 2005.  High levels of mercury and yet the FDA did nothing, shows you what money will do for business when given a choice of following their mandate or costing business money.  (Mercury)
Sheesh, that's probably enough.  I mean most of the people that I talk to that say they read my blog here tell me that I am sort of a whacko and that all of the stuff I talk about just can't be true.  They tell me that the FDA is there to protect us.  See above, the Monsanto revolving door.  The FDA is now, and has been for forty years, simply a stepping stone for aggressive people to jump into private industry.  Usually at the expense of the health of those the organization is charged with protecting.  Earlier last month the FDA announced they are going to look into banning trans fats from the food supply.  56 years after the first scientific reports were published showing how bad they were.  The FDA is so backlogged with approvals for NEW chemical artificial additives to be added to the GRAS list that approvals now take up to 4 years from date of application.  And let's not ever forget that the FDA only uses data from the manufacturer to determine whether or not GRAS status should be granted, AND that the food industry itself gets to decide whether or not they even NEED to apply for permission from the FDA as to whether or not they CAN use any chemical additive.  The FDA would only pull permission to use something if they found it to be harmful, but as proven by the aspartame fiasco, most people don't report problems, and they really don't care.  

As a parting thought, let's look for a moment at just the drug industry.  Big pharma regularly falsifies data in order to get approval for new drugs, they then resort to bribery, kickbacks and a bit of extortion to sell as much of the new stuff as possible before they are shutdown by the FDA.  Big Pharma civil fines for doing exactly those things have been over thirty BILLION dollars in the last ten years.  And it has not in any way stopped the big drug companies from continuing the practices because although the FDA HAS the power to put CEOs of the drug companies in jail, something somehow, (can't be money) has stopped them from doing so.  As long as they make more money than they pay in fines, and not go to jail, the practices will continue.  When you go to the doctor and the AMA drone prescribes a new drug for you, chances are that when you get the script filled the doctors name goes into a database and the numbers keep adding up for him until after enough prescriptions are filled, he will win an all expense paid trip to the Bahamas.  And everybody is happy.  The doctor gets a tan and a lot of rum, the pharma rep gets heated seats on his BMW, the pharmacy that filled the prescription makes money, the insurance company gets to pad their profits and show that they need to raise rates, and Big Pharma sold the pills for six to twelve hundred times what it cost to manufacture.  And you, well you might be one of the lucky 60 to 70 percent of the people that don't have serious health problems and side effects from the barely tested drug that the manufacturer never had to test to determine if it interacts with any other meds or over the counter stuff you might be taking.  Oh, and you might see some benefit from the drug itself too.  Might.  But the rest of the industry is just happier than a cat crapping in your favorite slipper.

No one is out there looking out for your safety as much as you.  Or as you should be.  Those that tell us they are, don't have such a great track record.  The FDA cracks down on small industries all the time and the giants, get ever bigger as they swallow up the small fry that can't compete against the stifling industry standards that are instituted by the FDA to destroy the small guys.  It's all here at (FDA targets small guys)

What can we do?  Well, I don't put that crap in my mouth!

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