Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Labeling GM foods failed, millions of lives are still at risk.

This stuff is kind of scary.  It is like the people at Monsanto that want so desperately to be Gods and to create life, just never gave a thought to what their creations would ever do.  Yep, just like Frankenstein.  The good doctor created life, but had no control over what his monster did.  Might have saved the little girl, but it destroyed the villagers.  Now, we have some more scientific studies showing what is really going on with the creations coming out of the labs at Monsanto and other Gene-Tech companies. A new report is out showing the transfer of inserted genes for the production of Bt Toxin into crop plants has now transferred to weeds.  This is not from HGT, or Horizontal Gene Transfer, which is the process in which the inserted genes migrate from the cells of the crop into the mitochondria of bacteria in close proximity.  As in when humans eat GM foods and their gut bacteria pick up the inserted genes to make Bt toxin.  This study is just about simple cross contamination.  How the pollen of one crop migrates to similar species to other members of that group, to others, to others then to weeds that we don't want and now are becoming super weeds, resistant to Roundup via the never before thought of process known as "Natural Selection". We also have this same process now for insect attacks as well.  The insects have developed resistance to Bt toxin.  The areas where insects aren't resistant are getting smaller as insects evolve through the same process of "Natural Selection" and develop that immunity. 

Isn't that just like a basic concept when trying to decide what to create?  Well, it SHOULD be a basic consideration, for non-Godlike mortals.  Just one more in the long list of flaws that are showing up in the reality that we mortals now have to live with in the world designed by those that play God, but don't have the training to do so.

  1. One Gene, One Protein concept - just not the way it turned out.  When Monsanto started on their divine journey the human genome project was not finished.  We now know that the human genome consists of about 25K genes, making about 100K proteins.  Oops, it sure seems that the genes interact to make the proteins needed for life, and one extraneous gene in there is going to cause a bit of trouble.  I'm pretty sure that it is not just humans, but every living thing.
  2. Natural Selection concept - well, it is not the way the world evolved according to my holy roller brother, but it does have a place in science, especially when we can actually SEE the results occurring right before our eyes.  Insects eat the Bt toxin crops, most die.  Those that don't, breed more insects with resistance.  Same with weeds sprayed with glyphosate, some die, those that don't, produce resistant offspring.  Oops, is that part of God's plan, or just an accident.  THAT is a bit of philosophical debate that is beyond my desire to participate in.
  3. Pollen Contamination concept- yup, insects, wind, mechanized farming, all transfer pollen from one field, to another, and from one species, to similar ones.  Soon, there will not be any non-GM crops in the world, they will all be Genetically Modified.  Wait, that already seems to have happened in the high mountains of Mexico and the indigenous farmers can no longer grow the corn of their ancestors because it has been contaminated with GM corn and the new GM stuff has shallow root systems and higher nutrient needs requiring chemical fertilization that the natives have never had to do before.  Not sure why Monsanto hasn't sued the natives for patent infringement as they have done in the past, when they find those fields of what are supposed to be non-GM crops and can test the crops and find that they are contaminated.  Well, the natives can't afford the chemical fertilizer let alone paying the new gods in town.  However Monsanto tries and tries, and in America that process is very successful.  Soon the whole world will owe Monsanto because their divine concept is turning out to be a divine money machine.  
  4. Horizontal Gene Transfer concept- I ate corn chips on Memorial Day.  Pretty sure they were GM corn, they would have to be as GM corn is pretty much everywhere.  The scary part here is that we have scientific evidence that the genes inserted into the corn to produce Bt toxin and resistance to glyphosate can and do migrate into the genetic material of the bacteria living in my intestinal tract.  Oops, you would think that those wanting to be God would at least look at this aspect of their work before attempting it. If mere mortals wanting to play God can insert genes into other species, doesn't it stand to reason that so can God?
  5. Long Term Feeding Studies concept - no GM crop was ever required to undergo the scrutiny of testing before being approved for mere mortal consumption.  Oops, seems that lately a few very prominent and well respected scientists and organizations have begun to do that very thing.  And the results are not too favorable for Monsanto.  Rats fed GM corn and soy develop cancers at an alarming rate.  Mice and hamsters that make it to the third generation become sterile.  Humans, well, we don't really know now do we.  Hmmm, playing God doesn't give Monsanto omnipotence.  But the rise in cancer, childhood brain developmental problems, multiple degenerative diseases all seem to coincide with the introduction of GM foods on the market.  Being married, to a self professed god,  sort of gave me a perspective wherein I can see that just wanting something to be, does not make it so.  Monsanto and all the other gene tech giants WANT there to be nothing wrong with their crap, but then again don't want to test it, and publicly denounce any that do.
  6. Substantial Equivalence concept - Monsanto somehow got the Senate of the United States to buy into the concept that GM foods are exactly the same in every way as their non-GM counterparts, without ever actually testing any of the stuff to prove the validity of their godlike proclamation.  Oops, that just isn't so.  Testing shows just how far off they are with GM corn having over 430 times LESS calcium as non-GM corn, 113 times LESS Magnesium and 7 times less Manganese.  All very important elements needed for human growth.  All lacking dramatically in just one GM crop tested.
  7. Substantial Equivalence and Allergenicity concept - the thinking behind the one gene one protein concept gave rise to the belief that when the Monsanto Gods created new plants, those plants could not in anyway be different from regular plants because they only inserted selected genes.  There could not ever be any other mutations to the plant other than what was desired.  Oops, that one was the biggest and most obvious flaw in their thinking.  The actual process of making GM plants involves the injecting of select genes into split seed embryos and attempting to grow them into plants.  For every 10,000 attempts, they get 4 to grow.  For every 1,000 that grow, 2 might RESEMBLE the original plant.  For every 10,000 that resemble the original, only 2 or 3 make it to the testing to see if odd toxins are being grown in there along with their desired traits.  And even if they are present, only the really nasty ones are found, the chronic ones are not tested for in long term studies.  See number 5.  The very process should have alerted them to the potential hazards, yet their desire overshadowed common sense.
  8. One of the concepts that Monsanto and the gang stress is that GM crops are more productive, with greater yields with less energy consumption than traditional farming techniques.  Oops, seems that this is just not so, one group of scientists poured over the data from farms in America, Canada, France, and Germany and found that traditional farming outpaced production of GM crops, well, everywhere.  Kind of not exactly what our new gods proclaim, but we are forced to believe it anyway.
So,what's the answer.  Well labeling of GM products in our food is a first step.  But the SHEEPLE in both California and Washington all have shown that they are indeed, just like sheep and easily swayed by the massive amounts of money the manufacturers in an entire industry poured into the TV campaigns telling the populace that GM crops are safe, wholesome, and the only way to feed a world growing with more sheeple.  The thing is that Monsanto and all the GM industry, the agrochemical industry and the entire giant industrialized corporate farm industry rely on the lies that they tell us.  Most of the rest of the world have laws in place to label GM foods, and in most of the rest of the world, people don't buy those products.  To stay alive, those agrigiants must keep the truth from the sheeple that consume the products their industry makes.  You, and me.  The future of our livelihood and the health of our descendants lies with the decisions we make now.  I don't eat their crap, it's up to you to decide what you want for you and yours.

Good luck in life, as always, your own destiny is held by you and you alone.  Temptation surrounds you, choose wisely.

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