Monday, November 11, 2013

Trans Fats soon to be a thing of the past in America.

Seems that the FDA does every once in a while, take actions that are good for Americans.  Last week they announced their intent to remove trans fats from the GRAS list.  At least they have announced that they are going to take 60 days for comments on timeframes for removing trans fats.  The actual process could take years, and if a manufacturer wants to continue to make foods using trans fats, there will be a process in place for them to do so.  If you think about it though, this action is pretty remarkable.  The first study done that correlated the use of trans fats and heart disease was published in 1956.  Research and scientific studies about just how bad trans fats are for humans have grown and have been so overwhelming in their stigmatization of the ill effects that even the fast food industry has begun to alter their processes to remove those pesky trans fats from their menus.  And the fast food industry does not do those things easily.  Again, last week the Yale Rudd Center for Food Policy published their report on how fast food has failed in their advertised efforts to provide healthy food for children.  Looking at all the possibilities for a child's meal at all the fast food places there are a total of 5,427 possible meals.  And only 33 made the grade to be considered, "Healthy".  The industry talks big, but lies lies lies about their actual actions.  So the fact that they have already begun to remove trans fats says a lot about how bad they are for us.

So we should rejoice, the FDA has after only 57 years of researchers in the private sector publishing paper after paper about how monstrously awful trans fats are to humans; has decided to look into banning them from our food supply.  Sometime in the future, and most of them, unless there are no alternatives, and, well, you know, if they really want to keep using them.  But it is a great step toward making the American diet healthy.

If I think about it, I could make a list of the stuff the FDA allows into our food supply that researchers have shown to be bad.  And it would be pretty long.  Stuff like aspartame, potassium bromide, ractopamine, BHA and BHT, Azodiacarbomide, glyphosate, GMOs, and the list goes on and on.  I can only wonder how many people will be alive or living lives free of disabling degenerative diseases in another 50 years or so as the FDA finally takes action to begin to remove the known toxins from our food supply.

I will repeat again what I say all the time here.  The FDA does not regulate CHRONIC toxins in our food supply.  That is up to you.  Watch what you eat, read the ingredients, and never never never ever eat that crap from fast food places. The fast food industry makes billions of dollars each year, and some of that money is used to enrich the lives of the members of the regulatory bodies of the federal government.  That is more than just speculation, lobbyists for the industry spread a great deal of cash around Washington do-nothings in ever greater quantities in very successful campaigns to keep regulations of their industry to minimums.  The FDA instead is beginning to regulate small farms in America.  Huge restrictions on dairy, egg, fruit and vegetable production from small farms is about to drive those industries our of business.  But again, those small businesses will be snapped up by the giant agribusinesses and life will go on.  (Corporate Raiding of Small Businesses approved of by FDA)  The list of recalled foods processed by those giants will grow, and the FDA will tell us all how they are protecting us and our lives are better here on Animal Farm USA.

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