Friday, January 3, 2014

Victory! GMO ingredient in Cheerios is no more.

Cheerios is one of those things that most everyone has had.  From infancy on, it is pretty much a staple in most homes I believe.  The one cereal that is relatively low in sugar (at least regular yellow box Cheerios) has made a place for itself as a great thing for toddlers, kids, teens and adults.  Again, the regular ones only, the rest of the product lineup are all pretty much drenched in sugar, corn syrup and carcinogenic preservatives.  That pretty much describes most of the entire list of breakfast cereal offerings in the stores today.  Cheap, sweet and profitable.  And devastatingly attractive packaging concepts.  Along with massive advertising programs that keep the vision of morning goodness in front of children with the concept that kids influence the buying patterns of their parents.  The scary thing is that it works, parents buy sugar coated crapola for their children by the boxcar load every day.

We know that sugar is addictive.  We're pretty sure that sugar is the actual cause of heart disease.

We don't really know if sugar made from Genetically Modified Beets is worse, or not.

What we do know is that no Genetically Modified Organism has ever been REQUIRED to undergo long term feeding studies to VERIFY that they are safe.  Monsanto, Dow, Syngenta et al are a lot like my ex-wife, they WANT something to be so, and therefore they declare it as being so, and they have the influence to require that the world take them at their word, and it is so.  To go against the word of the agrigiants is tantamount to being labeled a terrorist.  For any scientific people, it is a death sentence to your career.  University funding dries up, industry journals find their advertising gone, and worst of all, published peer reviewed research is retracted  at the behest of the agrigiants and actual research is deemed a fraud for no other reason than that it begins to tear down the facade of lies that have built a concept into a multi billion dollar and multi national industry.  And the will of the mighty becomes the way of the world.

Still, people, consumers, become enlightened and see through the lies, and want the truth.  They see that the food presented to the world as healthy, nutritious, safe and wholesome is anything but.  Not a lot of people have access to multimillion dollar lab facilities to test it all, but some do.  The results are not good.  They in fact show us how the facade of lies, not just about GMO foods, but about the entire agrigiant controlled food industry; is putting profits above the safety of the consumers.  Consumer Reports, Mercola, and a host of other groups have shown just how true that last statement really is.  And the sad part is, that the FDA, the strong arm regulatory agent that generally does the bidding of their masters in the food industry have in fact confirmed just how bad our food system is.

Yesterday General Mills announced that they will remove all Genetically Modified ingredients from their one product, regular yellow box Cheerios.  One product only will they bow to the demands of the consumers and change.  Last year the makers of Cheerios thought they would capitalize on the internet and they developed a Facebook app that would allow internet users the opportunity to tell the world about how wonderful Cheerios are and how much people love the product.  Withing 48 hours General Mills took down the app as they received over a hundred thousand negative comments, most of which were blasting General Mills for giving a million dollars to the campaigns to defeat bills that would require labeling of GMO ingredients in California and Oregon.  Forty eight short hours.  The tech guys at the company could barely delete the posts fast enough.  There are websites out there that captured a bunch.  Pretty brutal.

So, in an effort to bandage the appearance of a company that makes decisions based on profit over concerns of consumers, General Mills announced they will accept the wishes of all of the concerned consumers in the entire world and change one ingredient in one of their products.

That will make everyone happy.

Or so the leaders of the company believe.

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