Thursday, March 13, 2014

Back from the Dead. My interaction with the representatives of the AMA

Hey I'm fat, and I'm lazy.  Although I don't have tattoos, smoke cigarettes and use less than legal substances, I felt that I should get to use the wondrous government to care for my health problems the same as all those that fit into those profiles.  After all, the government is the cause of so many of my long term problems, that they should help pay for the long term care.  Yeah, it's true, it all happened in Texas and not Arizona, but governments are governments, people elected or not, spending money they did not earn, and are not really responsible for.

So anyway, as of this year, I have been admitted to the pride of America, the State of Arizona's answer to the Medicaid problems, AHCCCS.  It's insurance for indigent people, drug addicts, crack whores, homeless people, illegal aliens, and people like me, no money.  Unlike when I applied for and was granted an insurance program through the county in which I was responsible for large co-pays and large amounts of the costs of the drugs.  It was sort of anti health care since it cost so damn much money I didn't get the care I needed.  But AHCCCS is different, they contract with various health providers to care for the likes of me.  At no co-pay, and with no costs to me.  I figured that before they wised up and eliminated the program that I should get everything cared for.  So I got assigned a PCP, and went to see him.  I got a physical and referrals to a bunch of specialists.  So far, I have seen the pulmonologist.  This is my reactions to what happened with this AMA drone.

"Mr. Marshall, I see that you forgot to put coumadin on your list of medications.  What dose are you taking?"
"Sorry doc, I no longer take coumadin and haven't for over two years."
"You say you have been hospitalized four times with pulmonary embolisms, you need to take coumadin for the rest of your life.  You are at risk."
"Actually that's not true, coumadin is only partially effective and the long term side effects are devastating.  That's why I stopped taking the stuff.  I take a number of natural anti-coagulants and they are just as effective."
"There is nothing that you can buy without a prescription that will prevent more PE's, you must take coumadin.  We can start you on a new regimen."
"I'm sorry, I will not take the stuff.  I take a baby aspirin daily, natokinase, 2 grams each of garlic, ginger and turmeric.  And I drink plenty of water daily.  If you test my INR you will see that it is within therapeutic boundaries."
"I can't test your blood INR if you do not take coumadin, there is no point in it."
"I don't understand, you want me to take coumadin as a blood thinner and I'm telling you I don't need to since my blood is already within the prescribed therapeutic regimen for prevention of PE's.  Test my blood and you will see that it isn't needed to prescribe a drug to me that will destroy my lifestyle and cause irreparable damage to my body.  Just test it."
"Mr. Marshall, you are not understanding me, if you are not taking the coumadin, I cannot test your blood for what would be the effects of the drug.  We must start you on the drug, then we will see how you react, and what dosages you will need to be therapeutic."
"Doctor, you don't seem to understand, from my point of view, you want to prescribe a very toxic drug to me that has extremely destructive side effects, and you want to prescribe it to me without first determining whether or not I need to have it."
"Did you have four PE's?"
"Then what is the problem?  You need the coumadin."
"Without testing my blood to see if it is probable that I might have a clot?  And as I know why I got the clots to begin with, I don't need coumadin and will not take it.  EVER."
"What, you know why you got PE's, why?"
We had talked previously about the black mold incident, and so I told him about the doctor in Austin that prescribed a 4.0% Testosterone cream that was made specifically by a local pharmacy there.  4%, way higher than the stuff advertised on TV that is killing people all over the country.
"Mr. Marshall, there is no way for you to know for certain that was the cause of the PE's.  That is just a guess on your part and very irresponsible to not continue with your treatment."
"Doc, in the course of your practice, you take educated guesses all the time.  Will this drug work for this patient, will it interact with anything else in his lifestyle that I might not know about, what will work best, and the big one doc, do you really really know the actual physical processes that take place within the human body for each of the drugs that you prescribe?  Or do you in reality only know what the drug companies tell you happens when you take a drug, and never why it happens?"
"So, no coumadin.  But if you were taking a testosterone cream, then you might have severe bone loss from osteoporosis.  We can set up a bone density scan to see where we are there."

Hey, I am 60 years old.  and it's free to me.  Why not?

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