Friday, March 28, 2014

What is "The News" and what do you need to know.

Last week I wrote about the world wide conspiracy involving big pharma, and the media. (Conspiracy).  I had some friends tell me (AGAIN) that I'm nuts.  There is no conspiracy within the national media to keep any specific information from the masses.  Hmmm, I'm not sure how to respond to people that say things like that.  Are they just clueless, or do they really believe that all the bad things happening in the world that they don't know about don't really happen.  And that those things aren't real, because their favorite smiling maiden on the news didn't tell them, so in their mind, it didn't happen. 

Let's look at some stuff.

Slave labor, specifically child labor.  In 2012 Nestle corporation announced that they were going to end the practice of child slave labor in the production of cocoa in the African country of Cote de Ivorie.  The Ivory Coast for those with older globes.  Their plan, "The Nestle Cocoa Plan" entailed building schools for communities, requiring those processors to certify that no slaves did the labor and the big one, providing over a million new cocoa trees for the communities there.  And of course Nestle wanted to capitalize on their great spirit and make their "Crunch" bar into the dream product with labeling that defined their acheivements in their humanitarian endeavors.  Nice stuff.  Except it is all a bunch of hooeey.  The Ivory Coast provides about 15% of the cocoa for Nestle, and their plan does little, well, it does nothing to stop slave labor in other regions.  What does the worldwide media say about all of this.
  • ABC News - a search for Nestle child labor or slave labor brings up nothing.  A search for Nestle itself brings up all the gross stuff about horsemeat in their canned crap, but nothing about child labor, nor anything about the company destroying indigenous populations by destroying water supplies.
  • CBS News - same searches, nothing regarding child labor.  There is a very nice CBS report about how Nestle announced they would not use cloned meat in any of their products.  At this time.  But nothing about child labor.  
  • NBC News - same searches, nothing.  Well, nothing bad other than the usual recalls for glass in stuff and horsemeat.
  • Fox News - are you surprised to hear, same thing?  
I don't understand, this was big news back in 2012.  It was written up on Forbes, CNN and, well, that's about it.  I think that maybe since Nestle made a big deal about spending a few bucks to stop child slave labor in the production of their cocoa that they the masses might get the mistaken idea that they actually encouraged it in the past.  And the thought might get into the masses that they were only spending a few bucks to stop the practice in an area that the predominate method of production involved slave labor and that the United Nations as well as the World Health Organization brought the practice to the media attention in 2011.  That might be part of the reason Nestle decided to spend a few bucks to try to halt the practice.  Well, that and they could get a more consistent cocoa product by providing the cocoa cultivars that they wanted to the growers there.  Nestle certainly wouldn't want any of those concepts to interfere with the thinking of the masses watching news stories about their actions.  Nestle is one of the largest food manufacturers in the world, and they advertise their products via news media, that don't report anything bad they do.  Or maybe that is just my opinion.

What about Giles-Eric Seralini?  Seralini is a molecular biologist teaching at the University of Caen since 1991.  This is the guy that has been on the forefront of effects of the endocrine system and related  research for a couple decades.  He is, or was, respected in his field, and his research up until he dared to go up against the all powerful Monsanto corporation, has been unquestionable.  Now however, not so much.  He is a contributor to numerous scientific rags and has been published extensively in the science community for years.  No one has ever heard about him until 2012 when he discovered that feeding GM corn laced with residual Roundup as is normally available in the marketplace, causes cancerous tumors in rats.  If you go to the major news sites and search for Seralini, you find....
  • ABC News - absolutely nothing
  • CBS News - the most information available.  A two paragraph blurb about the report and of course how Monsanto says it was poorly done, and a second article about how the research story was retracted by the publisher.  
  • NBC News. - the story about the retraction only, and that was slanted.  It was almost horizontal.
  • Fox News - reported the story about the report after it was published, but nothing else.  Nothing.
So is that a conspiracy?  Whether or not you personally don't think GM foods are harmful, the fact that a researcher performing a long term feeding study of GM foods on rats causing cancer should have been on every single news report on every TV station in America.  GM crops are in nearly every processed food in America, anything that questions the safety of those crops is NEWSWORTHY.   Anything that affects your health is newsworthy.  You can make the decision to buy GM foods only if you have information that allows you to make an informed decision.  Yes, the Seralini report was retracted by the rag that published it, but it wasn't retracted because it was inaccurate, it was retracted because the sample was determined to have been to small to definitively state that GM crops cause tumors.  That is news as well.  But you have to report it first. 

I guess the big deal here is that we just don't know what else is going on the world, because we aren't told about it.  We are the mushroom sheeple.  Fed shit, kept in the dark and led down the path that our masters want us to go. 

But it isn't a conspiracy in anyway. 

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