Friday, March 21, 2014

It's a conspiracy. And it affects YOU!!!!!

So how do conspiracies work anyway?  I mean if you look at Webster, a conspiracy is : an evil, unlawful, treacherous, or surreptitious plan formulated in secret by two or more persons; plot. That's a bit scary, evil plans and all.  There is also this definition as well:  any concurrence in action; combination in bringing about a given result.  And I think that this is where I want to focus my attention.  Any concurrence in actions, with a given result.  With that as a defining concept then we can see that conspiracies happen daily, and we are all duped.

I don't mean the whacko conspiracy about how the twin towers were brought down by planted explosives and no planes actually ever flew into them, but more realistic, believable conspiracies.  Like the big pharma drug company Merck actually put specific antigens that cause cancer into DPT and MMR vaccines in the 80's and 90's.  And how monkeys were used to grow specific virus antibodies for human usage and it was the introduction of simian antibodies that were in fact the precursors of the HIV epidemic.  Yeah, it was caused by Merck and company, and thousands of cancer patients have contracted their cancers, because they received vaccines.  

The truly sad thing here is that it is in reality, a fact. Dr. Maurice Hilleman, one of the leading researchers for Merck is the man behind the development of nearly three dozen individual and specific vaccines.  He has been honored with lifetime achievement award from the World Health Organization, National Science Award and the list goes on and on.  Yet before the man died he admitted to doing the unthinkable.  Having SV40 viruses that cause cancers in vaccines for humans.  Using simian subjects for growth of virus bodies and probably inadvertently putting HIV into the human population.  And worst of all, in his own words he called vaccine technology the "...bargain basement technology of the twentieth century."  So why is all this a conspiracy?  Well because basically it is a concurrence of actions, with a given result.  The result was that the company made money.  Lots of money.  
Well, I suppose that in reality, they did these things, and found out about them afterwards.  A cover-up, not a conspiracy.
In May of 2013 the drug manufacturer Ranbaxy, a company in India that makes a large percentage of the drugs used here in America, was fined 500 million dollars for selling drugs that were found to be ineffective, not what they were labeled, containing foreign substances and manufactured in filthy conditions.  I'm pretty sure that the company knew what they were doing, so that was a conspiracy.
Gardisil is a new vaccine that was developed to prevent transmission of the human papilloma virus and is touted as a means to stop cervical cancer.  After the vaccine was approved the manufacturer Merck was found to have fabricated a large part of the research and that the truth was that the vaccine in reality actually had a greater probability of causing cervical cancer than preventing it and that not in one single instance had the vaccine prevented HPV.  The vaccine has been on the market for 4 years and is responsible for over two hundred deaths, and over twenty thousand serious adverse reactions.  I think that is a conspiracy

Last year GlaxoSmithKline paid the largest fine ever, 3 billion dollars.  The fine was for price fixing, fraud and collusion to defraud Medicare and Medicaid, fabricated safety data on its products and deceiving the FDA about the effectiveness of many of its products.  GSK didn't even fight the FDA, they admitted their guilt, paid the fines and it was back to business.  I think that was a conspiracy.  They knew what they were doing, they kept doing it, and they made money.  Lots of money.

In 2009 Pfizer, the largest drug company in the world, was ordered to pay the families of Nigerian children for experiments on those children that left them dead or severely damaged.  The thing is, Pfizer didn't tell the parents, or the children they were going to be part of a human experiment and that they might be killed as a result of the process.  In reality, that was a violation of the Nuremberg Code signed into international law back in 1947 to stop such atrocities from ever happening again.  They were trying to keep anyone from doing the kinds of things the Nazis did to humans during the war.  Pfizer is above the law however, and was ordered to pay five hundred US dollars for each child killed or maimed.  I think that was also a conspiracy.

I mentioned the GSK fine above, the largest ever.  Here are the top twenty fines ( FDA Fines )  All against drug companies for doing business using practices that are illegal.  They know they are doing things that are illegal, and yet they continue to do them, even after their competitors are fined for doing exactly what they themselves do and all with the corporate hope that they won't get caught and can continue to make tons of money.  I think that is a conspiracy as well. 
"Society can no longer afford to leave the balancing of individual rights against scientific progress to the scientific community"

I think that most everyone that reads this bit of fluff here today will read it and say to themselves that it is all a bunch of hooeey and that none of this stuff actually happened.  Most everyone will say that none of these stories made it to the major media news, and so most everyone never heard about it.  That doesn't mean it all isn't true, it just means that the biggest conspiracy that affects the lives of most everyone in this country is the one that happens every single day; the sanitizing of the news for your viewing pleasure.  Major news stories about major corporations will never be seen or read quite simply because if the populace knew about the atrocities perpetrated by those major corporation then they might not remain complacent consumers, buying all the crap shoveled into their minds via the news and entertainment media.  The conspiracy exists, it's just that I don't always think that it is a collusion between heads of corporations along with government leaders all in secret meetings plotting to destroy Americans.  No, it's just a simple conspiracy, people doing things that make them money, and hiding the truth about the actions of companies that advertise in the media, so they will keep on advertising.  

Is that really a conspiracy, or is it just plain greed?

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