Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Here we go, what do food MANUFACTURERS look for in new food like products

So we all know that taste is the biggest component of research for nearly all of the food manufacturers. And we know all about the cheats that are used, things like adding sugar, salt, fats and MSG and all its related products under differing names. They cheat us into thinking that processed foods have more and greater flavors than they actually have. And realistically, most of the crap would be inedible without the cheats. But there is a new trend in food manufacturing today and that is all about texture. Manufacturers want to entice consumers into buying new products not only because of the perceived flavor enhancements, but because they have done the research and discovered that texture is another of the reasons we will buy, or not, any particular food. Yeah, it's true, and a lot of money goes into this research. One of the companies on the forefront of texture research is The Understanding and Insight Group. (U&I) Yeah, big corporate food manufacturers not only have mechanical tongues that are able to physically discern varying flavor components using real live human cells in a Star Wars like matrix of living tissue and machine, but now they are working to perfect the art of processed food products by learning what it is that people want to feel when their foods are in consumer's mouths.

So far they have categorized people into four categories based on their preferences, Chewers, Crunchers, Smooshers, and Suckers. This research took nearly fourteen years to come to these conclusions and it is being put into practical application world wide. Last year in 2014 there were 20,790 new packages for products world wide that specifically had on the label the inherent mouth feel of the product. Most notable, Frito-Lays new line of Doritos called Jacked. Thicker and with more crunch than regular Doritos. Is it a bad thing? No, not really. It's just one more expression of the measures that large food manufacturers will do to garner market share and to ultimately get consumers addicted to their products. 

Wouldn't it be nice if they would all put that much effort and research into making food products healthy and not have toxic chemical additives and flavor enhancers. If you think about it, how much money went into paying these people at this company for fourteen years to come up with this crap.


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