Thursday, August 1, 2013

They're at the starting gate, and they're off,....Organics are moving up in the field, toxic laden natural foods are losing ground.....

It's not really a race, but it has the same outcome.  Winners, and losers.  It's just that we, the consumers, are both.  The Race, such as it is, is the sales of "Organic Foods" versus the sales of all other grocery foods.  The biggest contender is the increase in foods that are termed "NATURAL" and of which there is no regulation, no definitive rules nor guidelines for which the production of any food product so labeled as "ALL NATURAL" has to stop the inclusion of toxic additives, being grown in human sewage effluent and liberally sprayed with poisonous herbicides and pesticides.  Yeah, the term "NATURAL" is an advertising ploy and has nothing whatsoever to do with the product inside.

And the money keeps pouring in to the "NATURAL" food producers.  Sales this year of the crud labeled "NATURAL" are expected to reach $70 Billion.  Sales of Certified Organic products are expected to reach $35 Billion.  In the last five years, the Certified Organic food industry has seen a growth of over 35%.  The crud sales have grown as well, I just don't think anyone has ever taken the time to find out how much.  Plus, the propensity of agri-giant mega-companies that manufacture products that they like to claim as "NATURAL" tend to add that description to a whole lot of products.

Let's look at some stuff labeled "NATURAL"  (Me and Bread)  This was the first blog entry I wrote about WHY agribusinesses add toxins and crap to our food supply.  IT starts with details of Roman Meal 100% Whole Wheat All Natural bread.  It contains 7 chemical additives of which 2 are listed as Class II Carcinogens. And yet, right on the label, it proudly shows to consumers that it is "ALL NATURAL".  The group, The Cornucopia Institute keeps tabs on food products and even rates some groups of products as to how well they are made according to Organic standards.  (Cornucopia) These are the guys that have documented that some growers of grains that have ended up in products labeled as "ALL NATURAL" have routinely used dried sewage sludge residue to fertilize their fields and then used sewage effluent to irrigate the crops.  Have you ever used a cleanser to clean your bathtub, toilet bowel, or sink.  Then rinse the stuff down the drain.  And then eaten cereal grown in what you rinsed down the drain?


And it was probably labeled "ALL NATURAL" as well.  Because the all powerful FDA here in AmeriKa has deemed that agribusinesses need an edge to compete with the huge growth in Certified Organic foods.  And to give big business that needed an edge, so they allow them to use the words "ALL NATURAL" in labeling, advertising and where ever they can, with absolutely no regulation. 


It's up to us, as consumers, to look at the labels on food products to verify that there are no ingredients that we personally do not want to ingest.

Should we have to do that, shouldn't the term "ALL NATURAL" mean, no toxins added?

And what about the upcoming new rules for milk and milk products that state that milk producers can add Aspartame and NOT PUT THAT INFORMATION ON THE LABEL! 

Where does that fit into our ability to decide what we, as consumers, get to decide what we eat?

Today, Aspartame in sixteen milk products, with no requirement to put it on the label.  Tomorrow,......?

Maybe, just maybe, these are just a few of the reasons why sales of Certified Organic foods have grown 35% in the last 5 years.  I think that it has to do with a lot of what I write about here on this blog, the absolute and total FAILURE of the governmental organizations that are charged with protecting all AmeriKans.  The FDA and the USDA are two of the biggest most corrupt examples of the failure of our government.  (the revolving door)  I illustrate just that very thing.

Around the first turn, they're heading down the stretch,  Organics is breaking away and heading up fast.  Consumer education is making a break for it and the leaders are slowing down.

The race is on.


  1. Chef Roy, i read this one, i like anomoly with race horse very cute. you say aspartame in milk and no label how this hapen i thoght all ingrdeints on label. why not aspartame i not eat aspartame here aftr you writ how bad. i go to us again soon, i should not drink milk no

  2. Hi Ana, haven't heard from you in a while, hope all is good. I think you mean analogy, not anomoly. Two very different things. The sad fact is that it looks like the FDA and USDA are going to approve the dairy industry request to add the toxic artificial sweetener aspartame along with any other non-nutritive sweetener that they want to into 17 different milk products with no requirement to list it on the label as an ingredient. Not plain milk, at least not yet, but flavored milks, yogurts, canned milks and dried milk powders. Even ice cream is on the list. It is difficult for me to understand why they would even consider this action. There are numerous studies showing how toxic the stuff is and yet they refuse to look at it. Sorry, just be careful when you visit, wait until you're home to drink milk.