Monday, April 18, 2016

A small piece of leftover bread dough, and a whole lot of imagination

So I was baking some bread, like I do most every week. I decided on loaves this time as have a few people to give some loaves to as promised. And just a nicety for giving me cigars or beer or...  So anyway, I made loaves. And I had a

chunk leftover that would just make the loaves too big. So I stretched it out on the bottom of my cast iron and let it rest
and rise a bit. Then I sliced a bit red onion and a quarter of a red pepper. Then took thin slices off a block of Asiago. In another cast iron with low sides (to facilitate flipping the thing) I melted some real organic grass fed butter. Tossed in the veggies and let cook until soft. Added a bit of sherry and stirred it all around until the sherry was
evaporated. Added a bit more butter, stirred all the stuff together and then cracked in three real pasture raised fresh eggs. These eggs came from my friends Richard and Danuta who are at the markets next to me each week. They make fantastic Polish goodies, in fact that's the name of their business, Polish Goodies. They sell at the
market and make their stuff at their little 3 table Bistro on 7th Street just south of Dunlap. And Richard has a few chickens, and I get some of the eggs. So, I sort of smeared the eggs about, then pulled the round bread dough circle out of the one pan and tossed it onto the eggs. I covered it with another pan and let it cook on low for about
ten minutes. Then I slid it off onto a plate and inverted that back onto the same cast iron. Topped it with the cheese, then added the lid/skillet to cover. After another ten minutes the cheese was melted, the bottom crust was crisp and it was un-freakin-delicious.

And the top picture shows the ingredients on the board ready to assemble and cook the thing. Not sure what to call it, it is like an upside down pizza. In fact there really is not any reason in the world why you couldn't do exactly that, make it into a pizza. Veggies, mushrooms. Heaven forbid, meat, and when sauteed, add some pizza sauce to it, then the bread round and cook like that. And sheesh, you could do the same with Taco Seasoned garbanzo beans (using my Chef Roy the
Great Food Guy Taco Seasoning) and if you must, meat flavored with my seasonings. Then when you flip it over, add grated Co-Jack cheese for a taco pizza that was Upside Down.

Could be fun, it's just using the old noodle for more than playing games on FaceBook or pining away for a lost love who has a higher opinion of themselves than you or the rest of the world. Jeez, that never happens to me though. I date the Froot Loop section from internet dating sites. In fact unless you pay for the upgraded membership, I'm pretty sure that's where my profile is hidden. Anyway, simple, easy, and pretty darn cool.


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