Thursday, August 18, 2016

If this isn't a bit of heaven, then I don't want to go there

I used to be married to an Hispanic women, she was wife number three. Actually I've been married three times to two different women so depending on how you count, she was either number two or three. Not much good came out of the time I spent with her, except I learned what Chiliquiles were. And I fell in love. 

They're that good.

The problem was, I had never made them. I know they are pretty simple. Just old chips, sauce, cheese and fried eggs. So I don't ever eat them any more and have never tried to make them since I wouldn't want to eat them. But recently, I had a hankerin' for 'em. I wanted them, bad. But it's the GMO corn thing, the fried in Canola Oil thing, the I would never eat a grocery store egg thing, I won't eat them. Well, I won't go to a restaurant to eat them.

So, I'm the Great Food Guy. I can make things better, healthier, tastier. Not really, not when it comes to chiliquiles. I had hoped. But I was mistaken. First, I thought why use corn chips when I can use something else. So I tried frying sweet potato chips in coconut oil. Yuck. I fried zuchinni slices in the same. Double yuck. I made some whole wheat tortillas from real whole wheat and fried them. Then I tried baking them. Okay, -ish. But not great. 

So, I realized that Big Food is responding to the needs of the consumers, that we, well some of us, are not the drones spending food dollars willy-nilly like in the old days of black and white TV and the sheeple spent money on what ever commercials where shown. Truthfully, that was the age of convenience foods and consumers bought everything new and easy. Now, Big Food is actually trying. Some of them are anyway. So I found Tostitos Organic chips and Safeway Organic "O's" brand organic chips as well. I make the greatest green salsa ever, my Chef Roy The Great Food Guy Cactus Salsa. So, I already only buy my eggs at the farmers market that way I don't ever have to eat eggs from any commercial egg manufacturing facility (notice I don't call them chicken farms?) So all I had to do was assemble, bake, fry, top, and then enjoy.

Turns out, it was easier than I ever thought it would be, and they tasted way better than any of the ones I ever ate at the places that wife number three hauled me around to. Sheesh. So, follow along, crush a few chips up, place in oven proof container. Pour in some salsa, almost up to the top of the chips. Bake for about 15 minutes, remove, cover with
 cheese, bake again until the cheese melts. Fry some eggs, top with whatever. I used to eat meat in the old days. Not any more. Then go ahead and be creative. Here I used an avocado and some of my dip mix stirred into some Organic sour cream.


 And that's my scary happy face.



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