Friday, April 25, 2014

Jeeezz Chef Roy, are vaccines ALL you write about?

No, sometimes I put recipes in here.

However, after the verbal assault on my integrity and parentage from yesterday's post, I thought I would add a few things to fuel the fires of controversy, and add gasoline to the flames of any sort of credibility that I might have ever had.

Oh, and yes, I have degrees.  My thesis is available online, it's just a little embarrassing, it's about mushrooms.  I just don't actually work specifically in those fields anymore.  Plus I have over 40 credit hours of computer science training and have certification for Cisco Networking Admin,(one of my proudest times was taking my son with me to CCNA classes at Estrella College for 4 semesters, he did well and graduated high school with those 16 hours of college credit under his belt) an old A+ cert and am certified as a Master Light Guide Tech.  And it doesn't mean much outside the company, but AT&T certified me as an electrician tech II.  So, yeah, I kinda do have a science background.  I think that might answer a couple questions sent to me.

The questions put before me have asked me what I think would happen if there were no more vaccines given to people.  And do I really believe that we would be better off without vaccination.  The answers are simple.  I don't have a problem with vaccination, I actually believe that the concept of vaccination is a good thing.  My problem with the process is the same as when big business gets involved with most things now days, they put money before safety.

Polio.  This is one of those childhood diseases that was pretty frightening and insidious in its destruction.  When Doc Salk worked out how to make a vaccine to prevent it, in the greatest humanitarian gesture of the 20th century, he gave it to the world free of charge.  Since then, there are claims that polio has been eradicated from the Western Hemisphere, and most of the Eastern.  My problem with those statements is simple, "How do they know?"  When you look up info on polio itself, we see that up to 90% of those infected never exhibit any outward signs of infection.  Slight fever, a bit of muscle soreness and that is it.  In over 9% of the cases, there are problems, more severe fevers and musculature problems.  It's estimated that in less than .1% of those infected become paralyzed or die from loss of motor function controlling the lungs or heart.  In 1950, in the US, that was about 1 in 9,586 children (THE SOURCE of these figures)  So if we look at the Feds organization NVIC they tell us that since the VAERS was established in 1987 up to 2012 there were over 24,000 reported adverse events from polio vaccines with 925 deaths and 99 cases of paralysis from the oral vaccine.  The injectable polio vaccine has given us 35,000 adverse events with 710 deaths and 53 cases of paralysis.  (NVIC data)  If we look at the total number of births going back 3 years to 1984 through 2008 and going with just a 95% vaccination rate, we see that the number of people disabled or dead from polio vaccine is about 1 in 30,000, or one third what the rate from the actual disease itself was.  The CDC doesn't tell us anything bad has ever happened from taking polio vaccine.  They do tell us it doesn't exist anymore in the US.  Even though any child infected has a greater than 90% chance of never exhibiting any signs for anyone to verify their claim of it having been eradicated. Oh, and just to be clear here, polio became a problem in the industrialized world when the growth in cities grew at rates faster than sanitation could keep up with that growth.  If you read how polio is transmitted, it's kinda gross, and is just one of the many diseases that flourish in overcrowded poverty stricken areas.

Do I think that the world would be better off if we stopped vaccinating children?  I never said that, nor do I believe it.  I believe that modern medicine needs to take a long hard look at the safety of vaccines and work on a different system of manufacture, storage, distribution and administering of the vaccines in general use.  I have been told over and over again that drug companies use the safest and most effective methods of manufacturing to provide high quality vaccines for the world.  Safe, high quality, effective.  All terms that seem like they, drug companies,  actually are interested in providing the highest levels of care for us.  Well, let's take a look at that.  Last year, Ranbaxy, fined 500 million dollars by the FDA for falsifying data on the manufacturing of drugs.  2012, GlaxoSmithKline fined 3 billion dollars by the FDA for, guess what, falsifying data reports to the FDA attempting to acquire approval for drugs as well as marketing practices and medicare fraud.  Hmmm, let's see, in just this century so far the fines against big pharmaceutical companies has totaled close to 30 billion dollars and all for marketing, fraud, and poor manufacturing practices as well as the big one, falsifying data.

These are the industry leaders we are supposed to trust and take their word for the safety of something that is injected into the bloodstream of a new born baby.

This is one reason I have problems with government entities mandating that the populace perform specific actions that make money for big business.  Let's not ever forget that the reason the federal government set up the NVIC and the VAERS is because the companies that manufacture vaccines were being dragged into court every time someone got sick, died or was paralyzed as a result of their product.  And back in the Eighties that was happening a LOT.  The feds in an incredible decision took away ALL rights of consumers and gave total immunity from any liability by anyone damaged after getting a vaccination.  Okay, did that sink in, because we must now look at annual US sales of vaccines because of government MANDATED vaccinations of children beginning AT BIRTH was a little over fifty billion dollars in 2012.  $50,000,000,000.00 in sales.  Not one cent went to product liability insurance.  The feds set aside 200 billion dollars into the National Vaccine Injury Compensation program in 1987 so that they didn't have to.

As I wrote in my previous blog entry about vaccines, they contain a lot of stuff that are, or should not be injected into babies.  Some pretty nasty stuff.  And yes, Mercury is being replaced with other things, however some of those other things are not harmless.  New born babies are not designed to have added problems to their systems.  They are designed to be nurtured by their parents, fed as clean a food as possible and hope for the best.  Vaccinating babies adds negatively to the process. 

That's all I'm saying.  Wait until they are at least two years of age. 

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