Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Trillion Dollar Lawsuit, just need a shyster to do it.

Alright, I admit, I have a low opinion of attorneys.  Shysters.  When I was in Austin and even though the apartment complex manager admitted that there was black mold in my old apartment and they did not catch it when they replaced the flooring; I could not get an attorney to take on a lawsuit.  Yes, the apartments were owned by the City of Austin and therefore state law gave them a monetary limit for which someone could hope to sue and receive for damages.  And the amount was not enough to interest any attorney.  And I tried fourteen of them that handled mold cases.  So, I don't have much of an opinion of attorneys.

But I still need one.

I want to hire an attorney to take on a case with the world population as the plaintiff.  The defendants, Gene Tech companies Monsanto, Dow, Johnson and Johnson and others.  The amount, one Trillion Dollars.  And in a related suit, the people of the Unites States versus the FDA, the USDA and the Congress of the United States, for a grand total of One Hundred Billion Dollars.

This isn't just silly and foolish thinking, this money is needed to compensate every single person on the planet that will be affected by Genetically Modified foods.  And not just that, but also the money will be needed to clean up the environment.  Corn, soybeans, cotton, rape, and some others, will have to be removed from the environment.  Farmers will have to stop planting these GM plants for at least 4 years.  The loss to the economy will be significant.  Meanwhile teams of trained paid people will have to go out into the environment and look for, and destroy, any individual plant specimens that are found.  DESTROYED.  All the seed in storage, all the crops being held for production, all the products on the shelves containing any parts of any of the GM plants, will have to be destroyed as well.  After four years of carefully searching for any residual plants hiding anywhere in forests, fields, farms, backyards, on the coasts, or just waiting out on the tundra for a warm summer; then repopulation of the seed banks can begin. 

Stored seed can be brought out, tested for genetic markers of GM manipulation, and then the production of seed for planting can begin.  In the meantime, there must continue to be vigilance to protect the integrity of the new seed bank with continued inspection of the land for errant plants that volunteer.  After another two years then there should be sufficient seed stock for commercial planting to begin.  And then the new crops can be reintroduced.  The food business can begin again to produce High Fructose Corn Syrup, Canola oil, Cottonseed oil, and soy everything.  But can you imagine life without these products for 5 or 6 years.  Corn chips, tamales, new cotton clothing, and well, let's face it, just about EVERY PROCESSED FOOD ON THE MARKET IN STORES TODAY contains GM corn, soy, rape, or products from cotton.  These four crops and the products made from them account for over 200 billion dollars in sales every year. It is possible that some of the manufacturing companies can switch over to other food products, but think about the loss of income to business, the loss of jobs for the workers, the loss of available food products for a world demanding ever more and more foods to feed itself.  What happens when Americans don't have enough food to feed themselves?  Will the export of food stores to ANY other country continue?

WARS over food are a distinct possibility!

Those that have little and have for years depended on those that have a lot, won't like this new division of food within the world community.  In fact in order to completely eradicate the GM genes from the world, it will be necessary to go throughout the entire world and destroy the seed stores of each and every single one of the GM strains out there.  And all of the stores of seed and food of the subject species just to eliminate the possibility of migrant pollen contamination.

WARS over food are a CERTAINTY!

I think that a conservative estimate of the loss of life attributable to the removal of GM genes from the planet earth will be in the neighborhood of about 2 billion people.  More if one of the nuclear powers decides on retaliatory actions against the United States for perpetrating this abomination against the people of the planet.
Wait, I don't think a TRILLION is enough.

Then there is the human element.  GM foods have been on the market for not quite twenty years.  New studies show that lifetime feeding of GM food on mammals results in sterility, degradation of central nervous systems, liver, kidney and pulmonary functions.  And that is just the beginning of what more research might show in the future. How do you put a dollar value on loss of ability to bear children.  On loss of productivity because your systems have been slowly destroyed and you are just barely hanging onto life.  On your children not being healthy, or able to bear their own children.  On your premature death.  Or the big one, having to live through, and fight a war based on an industry desire to make money to the exclusion of the health of every single person on the planet.  How much is it worth?

Are the heads of these gene tech companies criminally liable for what will happen?  I believe they are.  And the FDA, EPA, and USDA along with the Senate and Congress are as well.  The hundred billion dollars is for punitive damages.  Hmmm. maybe more is needed.  And these people and organizations should be held for criminal charges as well.  I think that at the end of a long drawn out war involving the entire planet, with billions of people dead, the countries everywhere ravaged, nuclear fallout making land everywhere unlivable, starvation the normal mode everywhere; then I think that people will have a little different view on what to do with criminals.  I don't think that any of those on trial will survive.

If any of my readers knows a shyster out there wanting to take on Goliath,  give them my name.

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