Friday, April 3, 2015

Failure, the FDA struggle to achieve total failure, and their success

Success means differing things to different people, and we measure that success in a number of various ways. If you win a war, that's a success. If you build big buildings and large bridges, those are successes. If a corporation makes bucketloads of money, that's probably a success. It is if no one goes to jail. But then good old Charles Keating caused the big savings and loan failure and his biz made a billion and he personally stashed a quarter of a billion overseas. A little jail time, but wealth beyond belief. So here is where we start to measure success differently. Realistically he was a failure, his savings and loan bilked millions from investors and began a landslide of failures resulting in stricter regulatory governance for the industry that lasted a decade or so, right up to the latest failures of banking interests. And again, we have to look at those banking institutions, they made billions, screwed the small investors, and the feds gave them money to keep in their little hands and all for doing the unthinkable. Keating, et al, are to themselves, hugely successful. It's to the outside world that they appear as failures. Well, and to those that lost their life's savings as well. But in their world, the likes of Bernie Madoff, Keating and others, they are heroes, hugely successful and generous to a fault to the limited few that were on the inside and were able to rake in millions along with their kingpin.

Failure though is something that one would believe would be much simpler to define. If you build a bridge, think Verranzo Narrows, and it collapses, that's a failure. If you buy a business from someone, let's say a viable working construction company that was established and operating for many years and under your tutelage it fails in a short time, then you are a failure. If you are the ruler of a country and you get your secret organization to invade a neighbor in an attempt to overthrow the new ruler that overthrew the previous ruler during a revolution, and it fails; then history will still proclaim you to be a great ruler, and not such a failure. After all, Bay of Pigs was unwinnable or so we are told now in retrospect. And so very similar to success, failure becomes even less definable. When Presidents use their authority to exact favoritism for their bankrolls and even flaunt their disrespect for the Ten Commandments and civil laws regarding the sanctity of marriage when in office, then the lines defining failure become even more blurred.

As we all know, there is a point to this mindless drivel, and that is that perception is all about what others want the populace to believe, and little to do with reality and the morals that most of us thought we were raised with and believed would govern the actions of good humans everywhere. The FDA prides itself on its success on protection of the American public from bad or poorly made drugs and foods that are unhygienic or may contain inadvertent contaminants. Just go to their website, they do a LOT of patting themselves on the back and telling the readers just how great they are. They are a success, according to themselves, and to their annual requests to Congress to give them more money. Search FDA in the upper right hand corner of this site, and actually thousands of others, and you get a whole different picture, the FDA is a huge resounding failure.

Number one failure of the FDA, HFCS. High Fructose Corn Syrup. In 2005 one of the employees of the FDA itself discovered that as much as 40% of the High Fructose Corn Syrup being manufactured at that time was contaminated with Mercury. Testing products off the shelves from stores yielded the same percentage of contamination and that drinking two twelve ounce bottles of Mountain Dew would give you the same amount of exposure to toxic Mercury as eating a tuna fish sandwich. Which we are told we should only do once a week or so to limit that contamination. As our government itself tells us, Mercury is a deadly cumulative neurotoxin. In 2008 there were 3 billion dollars worth of High Fructose Corn Syrup manufactured and it ended up in an estimated 150 billion dollars worth of processed foods. It is still being manufactured with Mercury contamination. None of the stuff has ever been recalled. This is just one aspect of the HFCS debacle, scientific study after study shows how HFCS is damaging to the health of humans. The FDA is the designated protector of the people, here, they have failed, miserably. How much money changed hands to keep from recalling all of that poison we will never know. So for some, the FDA is a success. It's all about perspective. 

I could go on and on about how the FDA approves drugs for use as an additive in the manufacturing of processed foods where the same chemicals are classed as carcinogens and denied use in food manufacturing by the EPA, a very different government entity and not quite so prone to "Failure" as the FDA has been. But why, if you read this far, then you probably know about all of it. If not, again, use the search box on my site, or use Google, and LEARN what the corporate controlled media doesn't want Americans to know. And then tell your friends. The only way to exact change is to educate, boycott products that use known carcinogens and neurotoxins, and the big one, vote out incumbents, that one should be self explanatory.

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