Tuesday, February 12, 2013

What's right vs What's LEGAL

So, is there a difference, a differentiation.  Certainly, there is a definite value judgement that can, or should, be placed on legality.  When heads of financial institutions make decisions that alter the course of events for not just themselves, but for hundreds of thousands of homeowners across the country.  When those same leaders ask the government for bailout money, money that was taken via an unfair system of taxation, and then the government gives that money to those institutions to pay bonuses to their employees for making poor decisions and nearly bankrupting and destroying a country; it was legal.  But was it right?  There is a conundrum there, and the problem doesn't lie with the wall street bigwigs or the institutions that were bailed out, the problem lies in the government who bailed them all out and didn't actually fix the problems when doing so.   That also was not exactly right, but it was legal because the very definition of legality is decided by the government itself, and therefore they pretty much can decide what they want to be legal when they need to change the definition of legality to suit, or rather cover, their actions.

 So what is legal and what is right today?  Monsanto and a few other large gene tech companies have achieved the legal status of monopoly.  And the reign of terror that they blast upon the people of this country is afterall, legal.  The destruction of our environment is, legal.  The introduction of Genetically Modified food that nearly twenty years after its introduction is now being found to cause degenerative illnesses, sterility, and long term complications is legal.

But is it Right?

This report is long, boring, and scary as all hell. (Report)  It is from the Center for Food Safety, and it is entitled "Food Giants vs. Farmers"  It details many of the lawsuits, tactics, coverups, illegal activities, and generally immoral activities of Monsanto.  It is worth the read.
This is also worth the time.  A movie that is a couple years old, but ever so true, and scary as well.

And this Washington Post article is a 75 year old Indiana farmer that is taking his case against Monsanto all the way to the Supreme Court.   (Washington Post)

It's late tuesday night and I have to work in the morning, I will add to this tomorrow night.

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