Sunday, February 10, 2013

How the other half lives

Ever wonder how the rich live?  How do the rich people of the world eat, what do they do for sustenance?  Eclairs for breakfast every morning, Filet Mignon for dinner.  Hmmm, maybe, but I doubt it.  But I do know that each of the last four presidents and their families ate organic food.  We know this because the White House chefs talk about it.  It seems that organic non-GM food, grass fed organic Wagyu beef, wild caught fish, and free range chicken are the norm for the first families.  GM food, supermarket meat, processed anything, is not good enough for the first families.  I don't understand that, Obama if a big proponent of GM foods, even though there are a large number of recordings of him very emphatically stating that if elected he would make sure that GM foods were labeled in this country.  That was 2007 and 2008.  The first four years of his presidency came and went, and no such promises were fulfilled.  But then that sounds familiar.  Most politicians tell us one thing, then do what big business wants them to do.  Business after all does run this country.

Have you ever wondered what you could achieve if you were living up to your potential?  Interesting question, and one that has a lot of basis for thoughtful introspection.  We know that the food that you consume affects you dramatically.  Artificial sweeteners affect your mood, your very thought processes.  GM foods destroy your gut and put a huge amount of pesticide into your system that we are just now learning about and discover what exactly happens when you eat them.  Commercially raised meats are contaminated with huge amounts of bacteria and their waste products are toxic and cause tremendous distress to your system.  Foods lacking in natural nutrients are lacking in American diets.  Residues of pesticides and herbicides are in most foods available in markets and have detrimental effects on human physiology.  What could you do if you felt good all the time?  What could you achieve if you didn't feel the way you do?

I think that the Obamas, the Bushs, the Clintons, as well as numerous other dignitaries and heads of big agribusiness companies know how to get the most out of themselves.  They eat organic food and avoid the toxins that they themselves have allowed into our food supply. 

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