Friday, February 1, 2013

Gun control vs. DEATH!

Is it so hard to imagine that there will soon be legislation passed that will limit certain types of guns as well as magazine capacity and other specific accessories for weapons?  It's gonna happen.

I got this off of Facebook.  It was posted by someone that posts these types of rhetoric and poorly conceived opinions that flood the internet. It is pretty bizarre that anyone would think that the founders of our country would support anyone's right to bear arms in our modern world.  These men also supported slavery.  They believed in a monotheistic society where you were required to attend church.  Let's repeat that, REQUIRED to attend church.  The vision of democracy that these men conceived died a century ago.  IT DOES NOT EXIST anymore.  Our founding fathers would be shocked to find that their vision has been so bastardized that only the rich can rule and how commonplace graft, immorality, corruption and godlessness have become in the country that they themselves had set such lofty ideals for.

Let's look at some of these ideals for gun control.  Alexander Hamilton, resigned his post as Secretary of the Treasury after an extra-marital affair became public.  He also was the guy that first decided to tax whiskey, and so began that wonderful tradition of excise taxes.  He was angry at Vice president Aaron Burr and challenged him to a duel and was shot and died from the wound.  Yeah, a great example for gun control.  James Madison opposed the Jay Treaty in 1794 which pretty much kept us out of the French and British War.  Had we been pulled into the conflict with the French against the British, we would have been overrun.  The Fledgeling country was pretty much bankrupt and barely organized with no militia.  As it was, the US made some money by keeping trade open to both  countries because of the foresight of Washington.  When Madison led us into the War of 1812 (which pretty much was his fault) we had barely become organized enough to secure a defeat.  But just barely.  Madison also began the policy of converting Indians to American ways.  This pretty much meant taking their lands and if they did not accept our ideals, then they needed to be killed.  The only good thing about the Madison years was his wife, Dolly.  And she was expelled from her church for marrying James.  

Thomas Jefferson was the guy behind the Louisiana Purchase, not the first, nor the last time that someone buys something from someone that doesn't belong to them.  Thomas was an all around pretty good guy.  He fathered six children by one of his black slaves, not something that I have a problem with, but some of our Southern Gun Toting brethren are more likely to forget that aspect of his life.  Actually Thomas barely made it to the presidency only becoming our leader because slaves were counted as three fifths of a person and so that tipped the scales in his favor.  He was a slave owner after all. 

George Washington, well, not much can be said about him, he was only a fair tactician, having lost most of the battles he fought but was cited for bravery more than once just for his sheer tenacity.  But the thing that we have to remember about these men, is that at the time, they were all considered terrorists.  History regals them as heroes, but only because they won.  It is good to remember that we won the Revolutionary war by the skin of our teeth.  We very nearly lost, and had that happened, then the Union Jack would be flying over all of our homes and these men would not be looked upon the way they are now.  The point that I am trying to make here is that these men thought that it was a good idea for citizens to have a musket and maybe a scatter gun in the house.  And maybe the wealthier ones should have a set of dueling pistols as well since you never knew when the former secretary of the treasury might get pissed at something you said and challenge you to a duel.  These men, these heroes, would not approve of the stockpile of weapons that so many people accumulate under the second amendment that these same men would denounce as outdated, and NOT the same document that they penned.  And NOT the society that they envisioned.  We do not live in a democracy, anyone that thinks that is a fool. 

Adolf Hitler was a man that brought a country that was way past bankruptcy into a new era of prosperity.  Germany went from the shambles it was to just one step away from world domination.  We have to remember that the United States held off entering the conflict because at that time antisemitic feeling was overwhelming here and Roosevelt and most of the leaders were waiting to see what happened first.  Hitler did some stupid stuff, but overall, he did some incredible things.  His downfall was of course the Jewish solution and his idiotic attempt to invade Russia in the winter.  As a side note, the ONLY person to successfully invade Russia in the winter was Genghis Khan.  A man that slaughtered a full ten percent of the WORLD population at that time.  Hitler did not invent the concentration camp, the British did.  During the Boer War.  And the United States put over a hundred thousand US citizens into camps as well.  We are not blameless.  And had Hitler held off going after Russia, we might all be speaking German right now.  And he would be a hero.  Stalin.  Well, he was just a bad man.  The part I don't understand is how he is in the list of people that wanted gun control.  EVERY Russian child has had to learn to use weapons from the age of 8 in Russia since WWII up through the eighties.  It was a requirement.  EVERY citizen had military training.

I guess that what I am saying is that times change, history gets written by the people that want THEIR particular viewpoint expressed.  What was commonplace fifty or two hundred years ago is different from what happens today.  Pointing out good or evil people from the past and what they believed they needed to do to rule their world then, has no bearing on the world and society and the problems that we encounter.   

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