Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Chocolate, now, GOOOOOD for you!

I don't mean just that mmm mmm good feeling you get when you eat really good chocolate.  And not the mmm nice feeling from a Hershey's bar, but mmmmmmm mmmmmmm GGGOOOOODDDD feeling from rich dark heavenly yummy chocolate.  Yeah, now there is real research into the stuff.  And it is good.  It seems a lot of research is going into finding out just exactly how chocolate is good for the heart.

Specifically it is coco flavanols act as vasodilators and allow for greater blood flow to the heart in a process thought to help maintain endothelium dependent vasodilation contributing to normal to greater blood flow.  Whew, nice.  What Barry Callebaut through a report to the European Food Standards Agency reported that just 2.5 grams of high flavanol chocolate (dark Chocolate) positively influenced blood circulation in the human body. 


Well even I have to admit that is pretty cool.  I mean, I eat healthy, lots of raw and fermented vegetables.  Lots of brown rice, very little meat, a few fruits now and then.  But I like chocolate.  Now, I know why.  It is good for me. 

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