Monday, February 25, 2013

Are Milk products just milk, or scarier things

Yes, it is all over the web, the FDA may approve the petition from the International Dairy Foods Association in conjunction with the National Milk Producers Federation.  The IDFA/NMPF filed the petition four years ago.  Wednesday the FDA published the petition in the federal register and asked for public comments.  For me, it is a pretty big thing.  If the FDA approves the petition, then it is just one more example of how we as Americans are losing our freedom of choice.

The petition is a big one, the IDFA/NMPF are requesting that they be allowed to add Aspartame to flavored milk products, and not put it on the label.  Their reasoning is "Milk flavored with non-nutritive sweetener promotes public health by offering children and adolescents a beverage they are more likely to consume than plain milk and that has all of the nutritional benefits of milk and less sugar than milk flavored with nutritive sweeteners,"   The petition also states that they want the FDA to amend the current regulations to allow the inclusion of up to five different non-nutritive sweeteners to seventeen other dairy products including powdered milk, sour cream, evaporated milk, whipping cream and yogurt.  According to the IDFA website, the FDA has already approved the use of these artificial sweeteners in frozen desserts.  

I'm sorry, but I want the choice of what goes into my body!

 Milk processors should NOT have the right to put cheap toxic chemicals into products that I purchase with the belief that they are wholesome, unadulterated and good for me.  If those processors CHOOSE to add cheap toxins to their products then they MUST be REQUIRED to put that crap on the label.  How many people out there have noticed that when they drink diet soda they get a headache?  How many have exercised their personal choices to cut out the toxins that have been PROVEN with scientific research to have detrimental side effects for humans?  Below are links to entries on my blog about each of the most popular artificial sweeteners.  Let's not forget that in an effort to make these chemicals sound more appetizing that processors refuse to call them what they are, ARTIFICIAL,  and instead call them non-nutritive.

Yes, I know, why are these poisons allowed into our food supply.  It is simple, money.  During the FDA approval process for any chemical additive the company that makes the additive produces scientific research showing that their proposed chemical is harmless.  Then in some secret and quite possibly money exchanging process, the FDA approves the chemical for use.  It takes MOMENTOUS research and data to remove a product from the status of allowable.  In fact, in the history of the FDA, the only chemical to be removed has been cyclamates.  Despite the mounting evidence of detrimental side effects of artificial sweeteners, GMO foods, herbicide and pesticide residues, these known toxins are still allowed into our food supply.  So many of them produce degradation of vital organs, mental faculties, sterility, and death

Our society dies out, not with a bang but with a whimper.

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  1. Roy is true You Americans are strange, you put sweetners in you milk. Here we not have big lot of food we not put sugar or fake sugar in milk. why would they do that. Maybe all young people here tht want to go there are fools. what you think