Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Infant Mortality, SIDS, Vaccines, and the BILLIONS of dollars made killing and sickening infants in AmeriKa

First off, this report is the basis of a lot of this entry. (Report)   It is long, dull, tedious and boring.  But packed with scientific based research and the conclusions, are what matters.  This article has absolutely nothing to do with Autism, which I believe, and other researchers do as well, has a very similar causative relationship with vaccines.  Although truthfully, I believe it to not be just vaccines, but a combination of the horrific amounts of toxins in our food supply coupled with the vaccination process that causes autism.  Yuck, it is scary that all major brands of infant formula are over 90% high fructose corn syrup.  That is NOT what infants need in the way of nutrition.  However, let us for now just look at infant mortality.

There has always been a belief from a sociological standpoint that infant mortality is directly related to socio-economic and public health conditions of a country.  When looking at the statistics, with AmeriKan children, receiving more vaccinations in their first year of life than any other country on earth, AmeriKa rates number 34 in infant mortality.  That means 33 countries, all of whom mandate way way way fewer vaccinations for infants, have significantly LOWER rates of infant mortality.   Sure, the really high on the list countries are expected to be there, the countries with socialized medicine, that mandate way fewer vaccines, and countries that have high economic development like Singapore, Japan, Sweden, Slovenia, South Korea, Cuba.  Huh, Cuba?  Yeah, the country with the FEWEST vaccines, the worst economic conditions and the poorest health care, has lower rates of infant mortality than AmeriKa.

Makes me think.

It is just weird that an industry whose sole purpose is to protect and enhance the health of the public, has been given complete and total exemption from any and all liability for harm that the products they manufacture might cause.  It's true, vaccines are totally exempt from liability.  Criminy if you buy Mcdonalds coffee and spill it in your lap at the drive thru you can sue and make tons of money.  If you buy a bag of salad at the grocery store and it is contaminated with e.coli, and you get sick, you can sue them.  If you take a medication that causes harm to you, Plavix, is one example, then you can sue the maker.  But if your child dies suddenly for no explainable reason, SIDS, and the autopsy is inconclusive, (even though NO coroner would EVER link high heavy metal concentrations in brain tissue to vaccines) ((or for that matter even order that particular test)) you have no recourse.  Statistical evidence is not acceptable in a court of law as a causative entity for ANY malady.  Just because we can show the link between infants getting vaccines and infants dying in greater numbers (or becoming autistic) is not proof that it occurred in any specific instance.

Sales of vaccines for big pharma companies is expected to reach 50 billion dollars this year.  A huge percentage of that is in the government enforced subsidized program for vaccinating infants.  Because the all-knowing, all-seeing totally independent directors of health organizations whom have never taken a penny from big pharma, believe that all infants need to be vaccinated; then insurance companies are thus responsible for paying for those vaccines.  At huge profits to the pediatricians, and to the manufacturers.  Let's look at that number again, and just imagine that much money pouring into the coffers of, well, let's just say the top ten pharma companies that make more money than the entire Fortune 500, COMBINED.  They don't gross more in sales, they make more in PROFIT than the rest.  And vaccines alone account for 50 billion dollars of that.  Just one line of products in their already glutted line of drugs that do more harm than good.  That's FIFTY BILLION.  And not one penny of it goes to product liability insurance.  Because they don't have to.  (My other post on vaccine)

There are a lot of things wrong with our country.  This is not the only thing.  Not by a long shot.  But I don't want to ever get a vaccine, nor do I ever want any one in my family to get one either.  At least not until the manufacturers again take responsibility for their product, remove the mercury, the aluminum, the formaldehyde, and make them safe.

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