Thursday, May 2, 2013

Yep, gonna gross you all out again, modern meat.

I don't know why we AmeriKans are subjected to such horrific foods in this country, it just seems like there are a HUGE number of governmental organizations that are directed to protect us.  I just this morning found out about another one, the National Antimicrobial Resistance Monitoring System.  The NARMS.  A division of the FDA, it was created in 1996 as a partnership with the CDC and the USDA to:
  • Monitor trends in antimicrobial resistance among foodborne bacteria from humans, retail meats, and animals
  • Disseminate timely information on antimicrobial resistance to promote interventions that reduce resistance among foodborne bacteria
  • Conduct research to better understand the emergence, persistence, and spread of antimicrobial resistance
  • Assist the FDA in making decisions related to the approval of safe and effective antimicrobial drugs for animals
(NARMS Website)   Again, it just seems like they have, just exactly like their parent organization the FDA, FAILED!  It isn't rocket science, these things are pretty self evident, to just about anyone.
  1. Raising animals in CAFOs (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations) increases diseases, decreases resistance, increases need for antibiotics, decreases the quality of the product, and is just gross
  2. The numbers of antibiotic resistant bacteria that now infect HUMANS and can be traced to CAFO use of antibiotics in feed is over 26, of which several we have no defense at this time.
  3. There are 440,000 cases of MDR (Multi-Drug Resistant) Tuberculosis each year (WHO website)
  4. MDR Tb causes nearly 150,00 deaths each year.
  5. MRSA, the most common infection in hospitals today causes an estimated 115,000 deaths JUST in the USA each year. 
  6. Levels of e. coli in CAFO raised beef and poultry is shown to be over 120 times that of pasture raised beef and poultry.
  7. Beef and dairy from CAFO's is known to be inferior nutritionally, lower in vitamin E, beta-carotene, healthy omega 3 fats, CLA, linoleic acid and minerals B vitamins.  
That, in a nutshell, is the job of NARMS.  Why haven't they done anything about it?  It is within the power of the USDA, and the FDA to STOP the practice of feeding antibiotics to animals in CAFO's.  It is their MANDATE to insure that consumers have high quality meat that is free of bacterial contamination and is not laced with antibiotics or residues of drugs like Ractopamine (that is illegal to use in EVERY OTHER COUNTRY IN THE WORLD). ((Modern Meat))

One of the reasons I don't pay taxes is because the government does such a poor job spending.

Okay, next really and truly gross thing about meat is, get ready for this, meat gluing.  That isn't taking old horses to the glue factory, this is more high tech crap from big agribusinesses that makes them money, and, well, it cheats you.  And not to mention it exposes you as a consumer, to a much higher risk of bacterial contamination.  It is pretty simple, when processors are butchering meat, they end up with a lot of scrap pieces.  Grind it up USED to be the answer, but that makes for a lot less money.  Now, they have butchers take scraps of meat, and they glue them together with something called transglutaminase which actually kind of melts the two or more pieces of meat together and the seam becomes nearly impossible to identify.  And then the meat processor gets to sell those scraps that have been laying around all day as something more expensive, steak, whole chicken breasts, chicken tenders, sirloin roast, or who knows what.  The thing is, it isn't illegal.  And they don't have to tell you either.  Scraps sold as higher priced higher grades of meat is LEGAL and becoming a big part of profit margins for BIG meat packers.  It is entirely possible that the sirloin steak you bought at the local Costco and thought it was at a bargain price, was made up of parts from twenty different steers, and all glued together.  And the fact that you only like your beef well done saved you from e. coli that was growing rampant all over it.

Oops. you like yours rare?  Ever have diarrhea and not know why?

Well, this next part might be one reason you did.  The FDA and the FSIS, (another branch of the HUGE FDA) do every once in a while look around them and catch some big food manufacturers doing things, well, wrong.  And they force recalls.  The website is here (FDA Recalls)   Ooooooooo, look at that, 15 thousand pounds of rib eyes were recalled because of "....FSIS regulations. SRMs are tissues that may contain the infective agent in cattle infected with Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE), as well as materials that are closely associated with these potentially infective tissues."

The important thing to remember here is that of the approximate quarter million pounds of meat products recalled in the last 3 months, that the FSIS only tests less than 1% of the products offered for sale.

That's giving me diarrhea just thinking about it. 

Let's go back a minute to the antibiotic resistant bacteria.  The EWG, Environmental Working Group, an advocacy group for consumers, tested meat from supermarkets and found strains of antibiotic resistant species of at least 6 different bacteria on over 80 per cent of turkey, 70 per cent of pork chops 39 per cent of chicken parts, and, 55 percent of ground beef. 

You know, it is your life.  Your health is within the parameters for you to control.  Your choices today, WILL have consequences in your future.  It is up to you to make the right choices.  Organic is more expensive, but we are talking about your health, the lives of your children and believe it or not, whether your children will in fact even be able to bear children themselves.  Yup, GMO food has been shown to cause sterility in mammals.  The government of AmeriKa allows big agribusinesses to make tons of money by using chemicals and taking risks with the methods used to raise foods that are presented to us to eat.  But they don't yet MAKE us eat that crap, let's hope they never do.

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