Monday, May 20, 2013

"Now Play fair", was the admonishment from mom

My mom, probably every body's mom, would always warn us with that bit of advice.  The big kids need to watch out for the smaller ones, don't let them get hurt, don't let them run off and get lost, don't smash them in the face when they say things that are true about their lack of intelligence and need to hurt others.  Yeah, that's why my nose points to the left.  I was six, and a lot more cognizant of the world around me than most.  Even today, I see things, and tell the truth about what I see.  So far, I haven't gotten smashed in the face again, but then I believe that those out there that are of similar personality as those buffoons of yesteryear are desperately doing whatever they have to do to avoid getting caught with their pants down, so to speak. And the truth is that people like me, and there are becoming more of us all the time, are morphing into a force to be feared by those that lead the businesses that have no qualms about making money with the absolute knowledge that AmeriKan Consumers for the most part don't give a crap about what they stick into their mouths.  Yeah yeah yeah, not talking about the juniors on the pep squad in high school, I'm talking about the majority of AmeriKans.  Most people just don't care about the food they eat.  Look at the proliferation of fast food places, certainly the most obvious example.  I really don't believe that anyone out there thinks that fast food is healthy food.  It's more than the movie "Super Size Me"; it's the entire concept of make money by making products as cheaply as possible and the path to that IDEAL involves using as many toxic and/or artificial ingredients and as much High Fructose Corn Syrup and other addictive ingredients as they legally can.  Those guys are not playing fair.  Not any more it seems, and others may put it differently, but you can't argue with the fact that many many many of us that got our faces smashed in as kids are looking toward those that feel superior to us lowly peons and have begun to speak out and attempt to get the masses to look at themselves, and the food they eat.  And we give them someone to blame for their problems, their poor health, their inability to conceive children, the degeneration of their systems, and the preponderance of cancers amongst themselves and their friends and families. 

Yeah, those guys aren't playing fair at all.  And they haven't for some time now.  Ever since some one some where figured out that by giving money to a politician, that politico would then pretty much do whatever you wanted.  Is that fair?  The abstract view of that question comes down to whether we believe that the person that has the money to do such a thing and to alter existence in favor of his or hers desire or needs may in fact have the right to do so based on the fact that whatever they did to acquire the funds to purchase the favors of politicos gives them more rights than persons that don't have such funds.  Oooh, such a concept, if we live in a free society based on free enterprise and where one individual is able to through his own efforts and actions, accumulate great wealth, then does not the very basis of that free enterprising society allow for that person to spend his acquired wealth as they see fit to and if that choice involves the purchasing of political favoritism, then that should be construed by all as a just means and ultimate expression of the basics of society?  Whew, basically that means who decides what is fair?

I'd like to.

I think that soon, every voter in the country will get to decide what is fair.  Having figured out that attempting to get anything done on a federal level is just not possible, that we, the little people, the ones that got our faces smashed in as kids, just don't have the monetary means to purchase fairness in the same arena with big businesses.  But we can do it on a state level.  There are five states with mandatory GM labeling laws being debated at the state level.  Forty-five to go.  And with the grass roots efforts of people like me, people that want FAIR, we just may get them.  Yeah, we caught some of them with their pants down, and because they don't want to, and have never had to play fair, some of them are blasting out money like crazy to every Senator that will take it and they are trying to get a rider added to the Farm Bill that will disallow ANY state's rights to pass local legislation that will mandate GM labeling.  That is actually unconstitutional.  However they don't see it that way.  They are not playing fair now are they.

We just need to get some labeling laws in every state, then we can begin to work on state legislation limiting the use of glyphosate and other toxins that are destroying the environment, and killing us slowly.  It is a hope, a dream, a way to force those that don't want to and have never had to, to play fair.  

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