Thursday, May 30, 2013

Total economic collapse next year. Not a prediction, a reality.

I used to think that those people out in the wilds of Montana and other places that stockpiled food and weapons were a little on the whacko side.  Not so much anymore.  I am starting to see things a little differently now.  I have Monsanto colored glasses, and they are opening my eyes to a whole world of hurt.  And it starts with wheat.  (USDA APHIS)   and (Farm Futures)  The USDA has reported that Genetically Modified wheat has been detected in fields in Oregon.  Monsanto did field testing of Genetically Modified wheat in sixteen states back in 98 to 05.  It is pretty safe to say that if the contamination happened in Oregon, then it is there in the other fifteen states where the testing was done.  The US government has never approved GM wheat to be released for production.   This is in fact proof positive that genetic contamination happens.  And very scary proof that once the GM cat is out of the bag and into the environment, WE will not be able to contain it.

That is a bad thing indeed.  First, Monsanto stopped development of GM wheat several years ago because they conceded that "the time is not right for genetically engineered wheat"  What that statement meant was the simple fact that the 27 countries that are the major buyers of US wheat exports have banned Genetically Modified crops in their countries.  I guess that means that although the rulers of Monsanto and the ag world have no scruples, they do have enough smarts to realize that they might make a product, but if no one will buy it, there is no reason to do so.  (Kind of why they fight so hard to keep GM labeling out of the US, no one would buy it if they knew)  When this year's wheat crop is harvested, there is going to be a lot of testing done on it to determine if it is contaminated.  That which is, can't be exported.  Cheap wheat for all of us AmeriKans means that fewer farmers will be planting wheat next year having been driven out of business by their inability to make a profit on the 2013 crop.  Fewer farmers growing wheat will mean shortages in future years and long term economic difficulties.  Eventually starvation in foreign countries will lead to acceptance of contaminated wheat products and all the bankrupt farms will be bought up by the big agribusinesses and production will begin again.  Or alternatively there is the possibility that before production begins, war will devastate the planet.

There is no reason to be concerned for your health though as the FDA has assured us that Monsanto told them the wheat is harmless and that there is no difference in this Genetically Modified wheat and traditional wheat.  That's what they are telling us.  That's what they told us about corn, soy, canola, cotton, squash, beets, and papaya.  Oh, and that's what they told us about Bovine Growth Hormone, DDT, Agent Orange, glyphosate, Dioxin, PCB.  Turns out they were wrong about all of those.  And we are getting the evidence now of the long term harm from consuming GM foods with independent studies being done all over the world.  The results of which continue to be disputed and ridiculed by Monsanto.  The problem is that even though we are blasted with GM foods everyday in the form of corn, soy and canola being the most common and present in high quantities in processed foods; wheat is even more common than any of the other GM crops.  When consumers begin to consume GM wheat products every single day, and those products are less altered than any of the other GM crops; the long term consumption problems will appear more rapidly than they have been for the GM crops we consume now.  

All this presents a sort of unique dilemma  for the court system here in Monsanto controlled AmeriKa.  And here is the conundrum, there has been a clear violation of the Plant Protection Act and Monsanto could be fined up to one million dollars for contaminating the crops of AmeriKan farmers.  Doesn't seem like much does it?  But, because Monsanto holds the patent rights to the Genetically Modified wheat, even though it was never approved for use in AmeriKa, and the contamination makes Monsanto guilty of violations of the PPA, they can sue the farmers for capturing the patented genetic material and growing it on their farms.  Even though they won't be able to sell it, can't get rid of it, they can be held liable for genetic patent infringement.  You have got to love this country where the government is fed the offal from big business.  Oh sorry, I mean money.  And they feed them a lot of money.  And offal as well. 

Update on Friday Morning May 31 -----  (Reuters) Just read that the Japanese canceled all of their orders for wheat from the US because of the GM contamination.  And thus it begins.............

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