Friday, May 31, 2013

For the Greater GOOD!

For the greater Good.  This is a concept that has been around long before Harry Potter.  Remember this little quote?   "Yes, we have been given power and yes, that power gives us the right to rule, but it also gives us responsibilities over the ruled. We must stress this point, it will be the foundation stone upon which we build. Where we are opposed, as we surely will be, this must be the basis of all our counterarguments. We seize control FOR THE GREATER GOOD." 

Seems right somehow.  Same thing should apply to all of life, not just the pretend heroes of fiction.  People, well, politicians, don't seem to have that concept firmly grasped.  They are tasked with making decisions that can and do, alter the future of millions of people.  The question that I am asking now, are those decisions made for the greater good, or for the good of the few.  The powerful elite.  Rulers, those that believe themselves to be somewhat like gods, are benefiting from the actions of the congress of the United States, all to the detriment of the populace.  I don't think that is news to anyone.  It is pretty much a foregone conclusion to nearly every thinking cognizant citizen.  

Are politicians criminally liable for errors in judgement when the actions that they take by placing the needs of the major business communities above the good of the people and resulting in widespread disasters?  That will be the question that will be asked a lot in the very near future.  Who will be held responsible for the impending economic collapse in AmeriKa?  The agricultural community cannot survive the loss of wheat exports to other countries.  Without the exports, the prices for wheat will drop like a stone and in a business where small to medium farmers barely survives to begin with, it will be a disaster.  Thousands of farms will go bankrupt and the housing crisis of just a few short years ago will be even bigger than that.  The problem is that the farms have value, and therefore the government will not bail anyone out of trouble like they did to help the wall street elite in the mortgage crisis.  Those farms will go on the auction block to be sold to the really big agribusinesses and mechanized industrial farming will become bigger than ever, at a fraction of the value.  Production of wheat will resume, and the destruction of the environment will accelerate with the increased use of agrichemicals, and a way of life for thousands of family owned farms will die.  

Genetically Modified wheat.  The rest of the world doe not want the stuff.  We don't even know if it is in fact safe, as there have never been any long term feeding studies done on the stuff.  We sort of know what happens when rats eat Genetically Modified soy and corn over their short lifetimes, they pretty much all get cancer.  (GMO Cancers)  How do we find out what happens when humans, or let's start with mice, rats, and other test subjects, when they eat GM wheat for more than 90 days.  Who should pay for the testing?  If the leaders in congress were in fact interested at all in the greater good, they would force Monsanto to pay for the testing to be done by independent researchers.  It is the fault of Monsanto that GM wheat is now loose in the environment and commercial wheat fields are contaminated with unproven, untested and UNAPPROVED Genetically Modified wheat.  Monsanto should NOT be allowed to skate by on this disaster that they have unleashed on AmeriKa.  And the big one, they CANNOT be allowed to sue farmers for growing their patented genetic property WHEN THEY DID NOT WANT IT!  As they have done countless times in the past with the genetic pollution that we are finding cannot be contained and is spreading ever wider and greater across the world.  

the greater good.  just words........ not even an ideal in the minds of our leaders

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