Sunday, May 26, 2013

March against Monsanto hopeful for some, dud for most

I, like so many thousands, am very pleased with the turnout of devoted people that attended March Against Monsanto rallies throughout the world on Saturday.  It shows that there are many out there that firmly believe that Genetically Modified crops along with the associated increases in uses of pesticide and herbicides, are bad for AmeriKans, and for the world.  The Rallies held all over the world were the perfect opportunity to get basic information out to the public at large, because as we know, the vast majority of people have no idea how GM crops are destroying not only their lives, but the environment.  The PERFECT opportunity.  However, not much happened.  The mainstream media, had very little coverage.  Here in Phoenix, well the local news channels only had stories on the local independent and the Fox channel.  Well, the websites had the stories.  Local News Phoenix First  Second  The others, CBS, ABC and NBC affiliates, nothing, not one word about it.  The bad part about the two that did carry the news, had the exact same quotes about how Monsanto says they are fine with people having peaceful demonstrations and that GM crops are good for the world. and had the exact same quotes, and no more. 

Wouldn't it have been spectacular if just one news media organization were to take the initiative and to just mention the Seralini Report and state that new research shows how GM crops are showing the propensity to cause cancer when eaten over a lifetime.  Or the Princeton research about the mutated genes migrating into the bacteria living in the host that ate the crap.  Or how the world now has 26 species of "SUPER" weeds that are resistant to the herbicide Roundup that is sprayed all over farmlands in ever increasing amounts because the crops are resistant, and now farmers spray ever more of the stuff.  And the research about how Roundup is causing non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma and other cancers.  And, ......, well, just read any of my other blog entries listing how bad GM crops are. 

Man, anything about WHY thousands of people were out protesting would have been nice.  ANYTHING!

And yet......

CBS News website, had absolutely nothing about the rally.  However this one page on CBS (Page) did give readers a load of crap about Monsanto and other Gene Tech companies bleating about how great their playing god is, well with the possible exception of this fantastic quote, "But it's not that simple. There's another factor that may trump enviros' worry about health risks and damage to native species that grow near the altered crops. Expensive GM crops simply haven't had much impact in boosting global food supply."

Finally, for me, vindication.  A mainstream media biz printed something that doesn't toe the Monsanto line of never say anything bad.  

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