Tuesday, June 4, 2013

OH NO, please don't talk about vaccines again Chef Roy, PLEASE!

Sheesh, okay.  I won't talk about the actual vaccines themselves.  On January 16 of this year, the Institute of Medicine made their report available, regarding vaccines.  (IOM Brief)  In this brief of the full report, the IOM states, "....no evidence of major safety concerns associated with adherence to the childhood immunization schedule, which should help to reassure a diverse group of stakeholders..."  ie. corporations that manufacture vaccines, and companies that distribute vaccines, and pediatricians that actually give the vaccines that are paid for by patient insurance plans. Reassurances from the IOM is just another dollar in their pockets, but then we all knew that.  Reality has little to do with the needs of the populace.  Not when money is involved. 

Oh yeah, this is the same organization, the IOM, that now tells us that the average sodium intake of 3400 mg per adult is fine, and that the Guidelines for American Diets put out by the US government are silly, and that reducing your intake to the recommended 1500 mg is not necessary.     And this tidbit, "...is no evidence on health outcomes to support treating population subgroups differently from the general US population."  Meaning that anyone over 50, or any African Americans should have the same sodium intake as everyone else, meaning 2500 mg or the standard at this time, 3400 mg. per day.  (PDF Read last paragraph)

Oh, and yeah, the IOM is also the same group of people that two years ago made the outrageous claim that any person between 1 and 70 only needs about 600 I.U. of Vitamin D to be healthy, and that there are virtually NO deficiencies known to exist in America.  (PDF again, last paragraph)  This is what they claim, "...evidence however does not support other benefits for Vitamin D...)  other than in the utilization of calcium.   Really, this is their conclusion.

Oh, and yeah, the IOM actually feels that taking supplements of Vitamin C and Vitamin E along with the rather well researched mineral selenium are not necessary.  In fact dietary amounts of these nutrients are in large enough quantities in the Standard American Diet as to make supplementation unnecessary and that, "At the present time, there is no resolution of the possible impact of these nutrients or food components on chronic disease."  So that there is no need to take these supplements.  They will not help prevent diseases of any sort.  (IOM on Vit C and E)

Oh, and yeah, the IOM are the people that firmly believe that the AmeriKan school lunch standards ar too restrictive, and that the whole grain standard for cereals for containing 51% whole grain should not be applied to whole grain bread as it now is.  Bread is not cereal and cost effectiveness would be better served if whole grain breads contained LESS than 51% whole grain.  (page 9 of report)  And in the same report, this bit of info, "...there's no scientific proof that high fructose corn syrup deserves the blame for obesity more than sugar.... at this time there is insufficient evidence to restrict the use of high fructose corn syrup..."

Hey, I make mistakes.  I voted for Obama, (in 2008 he promised to have a federal law for labeling GMO foods) I married that woman, (YIKES) and I have done some other things, dated the woman with the vestigial penis being at the top.  But I am just a guy, I have no authority, no HUGE sums of money coming in to pay me to write this blog and attempt to get the eyes of the populace filled with clarity and visions of truth.  I think vaccines, especially for infants, are a quick way to long term illnesses and degenerative problems.  The big guys say they are a good thing.  They say a lot of other stuff that just isn't true.

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