Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Saturated fat. They don't really lie to us, they just don't understand their own research.

For quite some time now the medical conspiracy association has been telling the world that saturated fats are bad for humans, and should be avoided.  Of course back when they first began disseminating this information the standard belief was that margarine, packed with trans fats, was a healthier alternative.  Hmmm, now that I think about it, I wonder how much the margarine manufacturers contributed to the medical conspiracy to have them back their poison. Probably a lot, I mean even the nasty tasting I Can't Believe It's Not Butter would not sell if people didn't feel that it was better for them than natural alternatives. Like butter.  Chock full of saturated fat.

But, new research, and actually just reviewing the original research that was interpreted in a way that made it appear that saturated fats caused heart disease; has shown just how wrong those conclusions have been. It all started in 1953 when this guy, Ancel Keys, published a paper showing the incidence of heart disease when compared to saturated fat intake in 7 different countries.  It was a landmark study, and formed the basis of the recommendations that Americans eat a low fat diet.  However, the good Dr. Keys ignored data from 15 other countries where just the opposite was true.  In fact, the good doc had data available from 22 different countries and given THAT data, the overwhelming conclusions show that populations that consume a higher percentage of calories from fat, specifically saturated fat, have lower incidences of heart disease. 

How does that work?  How does a researcher ignore data that would dispute the conclusions he publishes?


Sounds familiar now doesn't it?  Monsanto does it all the time.  Ignore the research from prominent  scientists showing how harmful their products are.  GM crops, Aspartame, rBGH,  glyphosate, Agent Orange, dioxin and PCB's. Hmmmmm, isn't there research showing all of those things to be toxic, cumulative, and big money makers for Monsanto.  Aren't there 32 SUPER sites of toxic pollution that the feds deemed so toxic that they have stripped all of the people, plant and animal life from them while they attempt to clean them up, and all are attributed to Monsanto production methods of dumping instead of destroying wastes.  And for the most part, Monsanto has only had to pay less than a billion of the estimated trillion dollars needed to clean up those sites.


It isn't new to try to mislead the people with partial or misleading research.  It happens all the time.  And in reality, ol' doc Keys wasn't a bad guy.  He invented "K-Rations" in World War II".  And studied fish.  A lot.  And did this weird study on saturated fats and heart disease.  Who knows.  I can't find that he went to work for any big business after the study.  Not like so many scientists at the FDA and USDA who go work for Monsanto after approving certain products that are known to be toxic.  Not like that.  But there must be some connection some where.  Maybe not, but it does seem to defy belief that someone would publish such a flawed study that affects so many millions and millions of people and billions and billions of dollars.

Anyway, the true facts are coming to light lately in a number of published studies showing the flawed conclusions.  It seems that, all things considered equal (meaning an overall healthy diet) that people consuming high amounts of natural foods containing high amounts of saturated fats have generally lower cholesterol and lower risk of heart disease.  Just the opposite of what Keys published.  And what to this day the AMA says is the preferred diet, low fat, avoidance of saturated fats completely.

There in lies the rub, it seems that saturated fats are not bad only if certain conditions of diet are met.  Mainly being that you eat a diet that contains no trans-fats, few refined carbohydrates like white flour, sugar, white rice or processed most anything, and has a generally equal ratio of saturated to polyunsaturated fat.  Yicks, that pretty much means that anyone living on the SAD (Standard American Diet) if losing the battle right off the bat.  But people that have any actual concern at all about their health and eat unprocessed foods, lots of vegetables and some fruit, nothing white, and nothing FAST; can pretty much not worry about having bacon, avocados and organic meats.  The fact is that Modern Meat is still bad for you for other reasons, but that good wholesome meats are no longer something to avoid because of what once was considered the GOSPEL of modern medicine, a low fat diet. The wonderful AMA has been attempting to pass this concept off to the public for almost sixty years now.  I looked at the AMA annual report, and it seems that a third of their operating expenses come from, "contributions".  With no specific actual sources listed, just a heading and total.  Makes me wonder if a good sized portion of the money comes from the makers of margarine.

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