Wednesday, June 19, 2013

What constitutes "News" sort of a review of my blog entry from June 12

Wednesday the twelfth blog entry HERE
I was thinking about what it is that is newsworthy.  Who decides that kind of stuff.  And of course, the biggest questions, why is it that stuff that is sooooooo important to the people of AmeriKa is never shown, printed or talked about.  I mean we do hear about politicians that do bad things, Marion Barry, the coke thing, you know, pretty silly, and yet pretty stupid of the District to re-elect the man.  There hasn't been an administration yet that didn't have scandal, and tons of money changing hands.  Criminy, Warren Harding and the infamous Teapot Dome Scandal.   Look at the Keating 5 here in Arizona, the two biggest thieves were Arizona senators.  One still serving (AGAIN SHOWING THE STUPIDITY ((or perhaps lack of interest)) OF VOTERS) and taking money from big business in ever increasing amounts.  And McCain is on the list of senators that voted to remove the protection afforded all citizens by the Bill of Rights. That right there should have been top news, every single news show should have been talking about how this is in fact the first step that the government is taking to remove the remaining Rights afforded to Americans by the Constitution.  WHY ISN'T THIS THE TOP STORY?  I've mentioned before how I read a lot of whacko crazy websites here.  Many of them are talking about how they believe the Feds want to take away their right to bear arms, to have free speech, and yet none have talked about this latest move by the Senate to take away rights afforded the States as guaranteed by the Tenth Amendment.  When you take away the first one, the one with the least effect on individual rights, then the next one or ones they take away will be easier to do.

I think that this is in fact how conspiracies are started.  When something happens that is newsworthy, the producers of the news on TV then look at it and determine what action to take.  Reporting the news takes a backseat to making money.  News reporting is in fact, a business.  The whole production is financed by commercials, a LOT of commercials.  And when news occurs that puts any specific business in a bad light, then that business has the option of pulling any commercials from that news show.  And of course the backlash would come from businesses in similar industries, they would feel that if those news people are so arrogant as to report bad news about one of their brethren, then they just might look into their own dealings and report on them as well.  Can't have that, no business wants their actions to be in the spotlight.  Because most big businesses are doing things that are illegal, immoral, and not in the best interest of the public.  Yes Virginia, it's true, businesses really do consider you as nothing more than a source of revenue and a statistic.  And of course the BIG concern is that you won't learn that bit of info, and that you will in fact breed lots of children consumers and they will assume your position as addict to consumerism.

Point of fact, there have never been any reports on major TV network news shows on any of the large numbers of reports showing the toxicity of Aspartame.  There has never been a report on the application to the USDA and FDA by big dairy to be able to ADD Aspartame to 17 of their products and NOT PUT IT ON THE LABEL.  I think that is big news.  But it seems that milk and yogurt commercials bringing in revenue are a whole lot bigger.  There has never been any news reports on any TV news shows about the huge Mercury contamination problem found in the production of High Fructose Corn Syrup.  In 2005 there was a huge report showing the contamination problem, HOW the HFCS was being contaminated, the test results showing Mercury in the HFCS and how the researchers went to stores and bought products with HFCS in them and tested them for Mercury.  Pretty scary when you do the simple math and find that a normal person drinking just 8 sodas a day, eating processed food products with HFCS would consume EIGHT TIMES the EPA daily limit for consumption of MERCURY.  Not a word about it.  And of course the funding to that researcher dried up so they can't repeat the tests to determine if the manufacturing methods have been upgraded to remove the Mercury contamination.  And of course the big ones are also all the research on Genetically Modified crops coming out the last few years.  No mention of them on TV news.  EVER!

A conspiracy.  An unintentional one maybe.  I don't think that the media even thinks about stuff like that as a conspiracy.  They think that news is a tornado, a shooting, a politician having extramarital sex, or selling and taking illegal substances.  That's news.  Reports from researchers showing that everyday products are toxic is pretty boring, and of course the obvious thing, that the manufacturers won't advertise those products if there are reports on possible toxicity.  Plus just the fact that they would take up a huge portion of their shows as there are so many of them coming out.  No one wants boring stuff about health when the latest teeny booper sensation was seen drinking alcohol.  Or some do nothing woman on a reality show cries about some man and her pregnancy.  Or anything else that happens with the fake world of celebrities.  Sorry, I have no idea what goes on there, I avoid that part of the news shows, it is all so stupid.  I have no idea why Kardashians are even in the news to tell you the truth, I really don't know who they are.  Just that one is pregnant.  So.  Senator Blunt took a hundred thousand dollars from Monsanto to add an amendment to the farm bill that would allow Monsanto to have immunity from liability for their toxic products.  I believe that to be more newsworthy than some bimbo whining. 

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