Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The World Food Prize - no, this is an actual prize given to people

The World Food Prize this year has been awarded to three individuals, Dr. Marc Van Montagu, Dr. Mary-Dell Chilton and Dr. Robert T. Fraley.  The website for the World Food Prize tells us that the prize is awarded to those that have made great contributions to the world for "... individual breakthrough achievements in founding, developing, and applying modern agricultural biotechnology. Their research is making it possible for farmers to grow crops with: improved yields; resistance to insects and disease; and the ability to tolerate extreme variations in climate."  


I don't understand, the USDA website actually shows declining yields from GM crops in the US.  Research has shown that GM crops lack the proverbial "Substantial Equivalence" with regards to nutritional composition as promised to us.  And the resistance to insects, weeds killers and diseases have backfired, and the growth of insect and weed resistant species as well as new diseases have destroyed any hopes that GM crops are the miracles promised by Monsanto. 

Oh crap, wait a minute, doesn't Monsanto fund the World Food Prize?

Yeah, they do.  With a laudable concept, the World Food Prize honors a great plant biologist and Nobel Laureate, Dr. Norman Borlaug.  A nice honor.  A pretty cool tribute to a great man.  Except that Monsanto pretty much funds the whole thing so that the honors to scientists each year now go to those doing research on Genetically Modified Organisms.  That would be kind of like my ex-wife starting a foundation and giving herself an award for her humanitarian efforts to destroy my life, my business and my relationships with other women that are younger, thinner and nicer than her.  She excels in those areas, but fails as a human being.  Sigh, I just can't help but remember all those visits from state and county health inspectors responding to complaints from her.  Oh well, I can take a joke.  I never scored less than 98 on all those inspections.  Anyway, those that pay for the honors seem to get to choose who they honor.  That's why the Academy of Motion Picture Sciences isn't backed by MGM, if they were, only MGM movies would win Oscars.  I may be old fashioned, but some stuff kind of makes sense.  I guess that the real world and real world opinions are just too much for some business leaders.

Here is a copy of an ad in a newspaper in Europe from 1998.  The European countries were requiring the labeling of Genetically Modified Organisms that are used in any ingredients of any foods for human consumption and for animals that are consumed or produce products for human consumption.
Monsanto actually stated that they were certain beyond all expectations, GM crops were better and that labeling would not in any way harm their sales of GM foods.  They were wrong, GM crops don't sell in Europe, those people do not want them.  That's why Monsanto is so adamant about not having any laws in the US that require labeling of any GM food products.  Because they know that a moderate percentage of American consumers would not buy the crap if it said on the label that it was GM.

Monsanto has shown some success in pulling the wool over the eyes of Americans, with over 46 million dollars spent to defeat the GM labeling law in California last November, all of the heads of Monsanto have seen that in fact Americans are susceptible to advertising.  California airwaves were flooded with commercials telling residents that if passed, the law would drive up food costs by four to six hundred dollars per person, that GM crops were safe, and that organic food was no better than GM foods.  I don't think that I need to take the time to explain how all that is crap, but at this time is just seems that Monsanto is preparing for what they must beleive to be the appocolypse.  States passing laws to label GM foods.  That will be a major problem for Monsanto, when people see what they are eating, a good 30 to 35 per cent might make a choice to choose not to buy GM foods.


Yeah, most people don't care.  Some might, but the thought processes from the majority of people is that, so what, attitude.  They drink soda, eat white bread, buy packaged processed foods, (or what manufacturers call food) and are fine with it.  They eat at the golden arches and the burger king and at the Jack everyday and feel fine.  That's why those places exist, addictive foods, huge profits paying for blanket advertising, and additives additives additives.  People feel good after eating crap, and yet, no one can tell them that they are destined to die prematurely and in a horrific painful way.  They don't care.  They just had a burger, fries and coke, or a pizza, or whatever, and they feel good.   When the boob tube shows them commercials that show these wonderful recipients of the World Food Prize received that incredible recognition, then when it comes time to go vote, GM all the way.  They feel good for crying out loud. 

No one can make you, or any other person, eat a wholesome diet, exercise, or live a life of goodness and purity.  Sounds kind of gay huh?  But it's true, what you do is up to you, and you alone.  If you are happy with your life, with your health, your children's and their children's health, then those decisions to live your lifestyle and teach that to your progeny, is in fact yours.  Don't whine about cancer, degenerative disorders, autism, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, sterility, ALS like symptoms or anything else.

I try like hell to warn you what will happen if you choose wrong.

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